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Intrigue, quarrels and lawsuits: red and blue come to rest after election

Three weeks ago, the SPC and CPC were the biggest losers in the National elections. Since then, red and blue have been mainly concerned with internal turbulence. The FPC recently found itself trying to close the Heinz-Christian Strach chapter, causing it to close its most successful social media profile (see box). The SPP sees the Styrian reform spirit and former CEO Max Lercher threatened by intrigue from the party's headquarters.

As a starting point: At the weekend, media reports emerged that Lehrer had contracted with the federal consulting party, earning him a fee of 20,000 euros a month. Misinformation, as it is immediately explained. It is true that under SP chief Pamela Randy Wagner a performance contract with Leakem Media AG has been finalized. Leykam belongs to the majority of the Styrian SP.

As managing director of the media, he negotiated a deal with the federal party. He himself earns "6,000 euros gross in Leykam" and receives "no cents" of 20,000 euros, Lehrer explained. It can only inform the Federal CJ ​​about the agreed scope of service for its confidentiality. It says: "We do not provide any information on the content of the contract."

As he called for comprehensive reform of the founding of the SOC, Lehrer believes in intrigue: "Soon it will hurt me as a person, but it will not work. I will continue to say what to say." Yesterday, Styrian SP chief Michael Fihofer and Burgenland SP executive Roland Furst jumped on Lercer in the offense. It was "the last class to want to ruin his reputation in the public," Fihofer said. If the intrigue comes from the party's headquarters, those responsible will have to be "kicked out of the party in high regard," urged Jurst.

The flashes were directed against Federal CEO Christian Deutsche. In fact, he notified the SP board of all contracts with external service providers, including those with Leykam, said German.

It is also a thorn in the side of the SP youth, as Nedjeco Bilalic, a spokesman for ex-Chancellor Werner Heyman, extended the consulting contract worth 20,000 euros. In terms of the "remediation rate", all contracts will now be assessed, so German. This also applies to the chances of early termination. He never said he would go to a consultation with Lercer. In addition, it was "extremely disturbing that outside insiders were once again brought in", the German wrote in a letter to the SP board members.

Heinz-Christian and Filip Strach are not present

  • With a radical solution, the CP headquarters responded to the final request of ex-party leader Heinz-Christian Strach, who wanted full access to his Facebook account by Friday night. The HC Strache profile, which has so far had 786,000 fans, the most successful blue-social social networking tool, has been irregularly deactivated.
  • Rationale for the FPÖ: Wretch's invitation to hand over sole administrative rights to him could not be fulfilled because “the parties were formed and managed financially – both financially and personally – by the FPÖ. This should make the conflict a case for the courts. Strach's lawyer has already announced a lawsuit.
  • On Saturday, the FPÖ then posted a Facebook page to Philippe Strach online. The party's former animal rights officer, however, had only 31,000 fans. On his private Facebook profile, HC Strache hinted at a policy rant: "Don't worry, I won't just go back to the Facebook fan page."


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