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Injured Manuel Noyer expects a prolonged interruption

Bayern's goalkeeper Manuel Neuer spoke at a news conference about his injury injury. Unlike the initially announced, he does not expect a return for two weeks.

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Manuel Neuer hopes for a torn injury in the calf to return to the Bundesliga Bayern Munich in the final sprint of the season. "My goal is to fit in as quickly as possible," the caretaker said Wednesday at a press conference in Munich. "I think Leipzig is a real goal." On May 11, Munich competes in the penultimate round of the current Bundesliga third RB Leipzig. The club initially assumed that the goalkeeper would be missing only about 14 days.

Noyer suffered a break in the last week's match at Fortuna Dusseldorf. In the current second half of the Bundesliga Neuer has already missed two games due to injury to the thumb and one because of problems with the body. Last season, he came because of a metatarsal failure of only three league inserts.

The speculation that he can announce his retirement from the national team at a press conference, the 33-year-old says: "We laughed a lot."

At a press conference with Manuel Neuer to read

12.19 clock: That is it. Manuel Neuer is saying goodbye.

12.17: The last question. Neuer sees Bayern against Borussia Dortmund in a psychological advantage. He says: "We had clear and decisive victories in the last race and it was a tight game for Dortmund with Mainz."

12.15: New to his role as a wounded captain: "I'm still in the cab, I'm trying to make a lot of conversations, of course, if I notice something, I'll add my mustard."

12.13 clock: What does Neuer expect from the last sprint for the title? "We know that we can not make any mistakes any more, in this season so much happening, we are now ahead – and we want to stay there – but our opponents are a lot, it's all the final."

12:11: Next Topic: Upcoming opponent Werder Bremen. Neuer: "They have a great team spirit and play interesting football, we are alerted." Both in the Bundesliga and in the semifinals of the Cup, Bayern meet Werder.

12:10: Now that's basically. Whether in Germany the problem with the goalkeeper is threatened by Neyer. "We have so many good instructors, I am not worried," responds to the current national team.

12:09: Neuer is questioned for occasional criticism of his replacement, Sven Ulrich. He is clearly contradictory: "We should not talk about it, but for his very good achievements, I'm not worried."

12:06: Now, Neuer is wondering if he should take any further care for his body problems earlier in the season. He explains: "For me, the use against BVB was a risk, and even then I did not train under full load, but it was okay, without objections before the match against Dusseldorf." You can never predict the injuries.

12:05: Neuer reports that he immediately felt when playing against Dusseldorf that he was injured. He says: "I have a very good body and immediately I feel that I will be out of action, which, of course, is disappointing, but I also want to stay close to the team during the injury."

12:04: Now Neuer addresses the speculation about finishing his career. He says: "We laughed at it." Today she wants to meet her journalist despite his injury.

12:03: Neuer: "Muscle injuries are normal with the continued burden we have, I sincerely expected it earlier in my career."

12:01: Neyer calls the match against R. B. Leipzig on May 11 as a "realistic goal". It would have been a four-week break.

12 hrs: It starts! Manuel Neuer was first asked about his injury. He says: "After two weeks I will be able to do more, but when it really can stand in the goal, it's hard to say."

11.47 clock: Neuer's role in the national team can also be resolved. Recently, he was captain and number one in the goal, but Mark-André terre Stegen has been glowing with FC Barcelona for months for outstanding performance.

11.45 clock: At 12 o'clock it should begin. The question will surely affect Neuer's injury. Currently, he is missing due to a torn muscle. In the second half of the season, the 33-year-old previously missed two matches for a thumb injury and one due to body problems. In the past season, he came for a metallic break only in three league appearances.

11.40 clock: Since Neuer rarely gives press conferences, much has been speculated about the event for today's date. So far, there are no signs of spectacular reporting.

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