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Images by Sean Scully in Albertina

In fact, Shawn Scale is famous for its geometric works, contrasting lines, often dominated by gray. However, Viennese Albertina, from Friday, shows the artist's new side, a radical twist of family intimacy, an apparent pause in the native Irish style, but which needs to be understood as parallel development, as the expansion of grammatical means.

"Eleuthera" is the title of the series in which 73-year-old Scaley shows his 8-year-old son Oise on the beach. Geometry is fitting here, figuration stands in the foreground despite the archetypal stylization of the same basic motive. Large surfaces in a wild line mark the child as a universal metaphor; a wide, colorful color spectrum replaces the familiar gray from the Scales.

An artistic spark of work from 2015 to 2017 during his vacation on the Caribbean island of Eleuthera with his second son, Blue Oysin, for Scully on Thursday, at the presentation of the show. His elder son died in the 1980s deadly, who transferred the father's color scale to today's pale gray color. "You are a member of a club that nobody wants to be and you can never go out," the 73-year-old recalls a break in his work.

Quite the opposite is the decision to turn to radical intimacy, to the privacy that emits Eleuthera. He looked at the pictures in his studio in Manhattan, for which he shot Oisin and instinctively reached the brush, he recalled the painter. "I was drunk then, which is rarely the case," Scully says soberly: "The Irish do not drink." He is not afraid to reveal personal information: "I no longer have a private life, at least when I sit in the bathroom."

The result is vibrant, vibrant pictures in which the boy's face is just hinted or hidden, making it an archetype of the eternal child. Circles that attract the little on the beach can be found as a figure in most paintings, the colors are abstracted from the particular visual impression.

Despite the apparent breakthrough in Scally's work, this is not a definite break but a parallel development, Albertina's director Klaus Albrecht Schroeder stressed: "The question is: What is the appropriate style for the subject and Sean Scale can go to his son Do not approach him the boy who plays, who builds his own world, with geometry. " Except this factor, but you'll find everything you know from the Scales, even in Eleuthera: "Sean Stallie always has everything that's available."

Obvious love is also on the other hand, at the end of the presentation there was a world painter Scully, but still a surprise to Schröder and his house ready. "I will give one of the pictures of Albertina, it will remain as a shadow of the exhibition here," said the artist. "I never, never and never, never sell my pictures." He did not want to release his son at auction. But he wanted to leave one of two similar objects in the house, so connected with him.

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