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Ideally: Hirscher wins the season

Marcel Hirscher received a clear answer to his question about form: Salzburg began the new slalom season because he graduated from the old. He won the Levi race for the third time in his career, twice as fast from the day, finishing 0.09 seconds ahead of his fighter Henrik Kristoffersen from Norway and 1.41 against Swedish Andre Myhrer on Sunday.

For Hirscher it was the 59th victory in his career, the 28th in a special slalom. At the same time, it increased for the 58th time on the slalom test, which Alberto Tomba (57) left Italy, and the only other one from Sweden – Ingemar Stenmark (81). If called his reindeer Ferdl won in 2013, A Leo from 2016, the third baby will be called Mr. Snow.

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Hirscher found the fastest line again

From the Austrian point of view, the starting position after the first round was very promising for me in the top eight, on the top five of the ÖSV players in the top ten. Michael Matt left the podium in seventh place with 1.58 seconds back 17/100 seconds, Christian Hirschbühl finished eighth (1.66), Manuel Feller ninth (1.70) and Marco Schwarz tenth (1.73), bringing the Austrians close to each other.

"It is very nice to see that it works too, because of the last fragment I received a lot of information from Michi, which was very important and definitely has its share in it." Normally, I would probably also hit the field but that's how it went, "Hirscher thanked for his radio correspondence.

A few holes before the end formed a hole in which many runners stumbled and even lost – as part-time third Clement Noel from France.

There are more important things than victories

After the victory over the start – slalom giant Sölden has been canceled – but the expectations of the season have not increased, said Hirscher. "My priorities have definitely changed, skiing is not the most important thing in my life anymore, it can not be a season like any other," said the seven-time World Cup winner who in October became a father for the first time. In winter 2017/18, Hirscher won seven of the nine special entries in the World Cup, Kristoffersen finished fifth and third three times in the winning game. Also during the opening season, the Norwegian had to settle for the second place.

Will the eternal second places be easier to accept? "No, it will not be easier to be a second, much is said about these other places, but if I'm good and secondly, I'm happy and I'm not so far behind him," Kristoffersen said. By the way, the 35-year-old Olympic champion, Myhrer, chose the oldest player on the podium in the World Cup slalom.

Olympic third Matt was the victim of the hole before the end. "It would be a pity, otherwise I would, with the podium going out, the hole has just developed, it is broken, because every runner suddenly puts pressure on this point, and it is not so cold, I'm glad that I stayed inside" – said Tyrolczyk. You can be happy with the first race. "The first two would not be available, but the third place would be possible."

Strong ÖSV result

After a warm day, he froze at Levi on Sunday night, the slope presented on Sunday heavily and covered with ice film. Hirschbühl was happy with two solid runs, but you had to analyze where tens still exist. "I wrote among ten, I'm happy," said Vorarlberger, who for the fourth time in his career was in the top ten. Czarni and Feller were already unlucky in the first round, both caught small stones. In the case of Black & # 39 ;, the ski was completely broken below the binding, he had to take the second in the second round, the material of Feller, the edges could be addressed.

"I think I can ski faster, but you can not get upset about the top ten in the first race," said Schwarz. The second round was set by the Austrian slalom coach Marko Pfeifer. "We trained, but we did not train this hole," laughs Schwarz, who saved himself from a sticky situation.

Feller was generally not easy to drive. "The steepest slope was the most difficult for me, but because the track was slightly smaller and poisonous, little Wandl, I was a bit heavy on the gas to give him all the gas we counted on." The fact that his ski was touched was not optimal. "You only have one or two skis to get out of the game, and if you get them in the first race, it's not so much fun."

Johannes Strolz took 15th place, it was by far the best World Cup result after the 22nd and 30th place in the giant slalom. 19th place for Marc & # 39; and Digrubera. Fabio Gstrein did not qualify for the second round at 36. Dominik Raschner withdrew in the first race.

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