Wednesday , June 16 2021

Hoffman is burning for a piercing blade

The lawyer Christian Podosek told the court that the torch risk would be in the particular case. That is why "at best, a smaller mistake," said Podosek. In addition, Steffen Hoffman's case was preserved very differently than in conventional trailer methods, which ignited the torch in the fan block. "You will not be able to break it with me," said Judge Gerhard Chatauer. "Mr Hoffman also has an effect on the role," said Chathauser, who insisted there would be no way to legally light a torch on the stadium without exception. The judge did not accept the objection that it would be a special event in a match on the same scale as the farewell match.

In the end, the former Rapid Captain briefly spoke. Hoffman said the process of farewell celebrations was explained in detail, and at what time a trip with Bengal was planned ahead of the curve. "I followed the procedure," said Hoffman, who agreed to donate 500 euros in case of a successful complaint procedure to the social institution of the Vienna Crypt.

After 60 minutes, the judge finally decided that the appeal would be rejected. "If I follow your justification, I open the pyrotechnic door," said Judge Chatauyer. In addition to the administrative fine in the amount of 500 euros, the costs arising from the appeal procedure are now around 80 euros.

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