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Global Hydro: Sales are also increasing the number of major competitors

So the volume of single orders, but you see the world, but competitors, which you failed to do, said Heinz CEO Peter Knau at a press briefing in Linz yesterday.

On the other hand, the time of large hydropower projects is over. Competitors – not just from Austria, such as Andritz or Voit – entered the market in Malvitler. They are not afraid. "We are at home in the top quality segment and in the efficiency of our turbines in the global top-tier field," Kna said.

Another reason for the company's rapid growth, plus 55 percent of sales in the past four years, Knau is looking at a strategy to never focus on the domestic market, but to be active in the small hydropower segment around the world.

This strategy worked. The still relatively small company with 210 employees has offices in ten countries and is currently active in 40 countries. Global Hydro is particularly strong in South Asia.

Management has increased

In order to drive growth, the company has also increased business management. In addition to the current Managing Director, Knau, Richard Frisberg of the family owner, who is primarily responsible for finance, and Bernhard Cord, who is in charge of the operating area, are also involved. "We're ready for the next jump," Kna says.

The next step in the field of refurbishment will be the repair, modernization and servicing of existing small hydropower plants. "After building the necessary technical, infrastructure and human resources, we were already able to look forward to the first international agreements this year," Frisberg said. For example, projects in this area are currently being implemented in Germany, Sweden and Finland.

Across Europe, there are tens of thousands of installations that will need renovation services in the coming years because of their age. Frisberg: "There is an interesting market potential here that we naturally want to use."

In the past financial year 2018/2019 (as of the end of March) the company converted EUR 53.6 million. The order entry amounted to 60m euros. The number of employees has risen to 210. Of these, about 180 are based in Niedrana. This year, Kna expects to further increase revenues to around 60m euros.

90 percent of the company is owned by FE Future Holdings GmbH, which owns 60 percent of the Frisberg family. Ten percent is owned by Marius Hager. (HN)



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