Saturday , April 17 2021

FPO vs. RUF: Strong criticism from former federal president Fischer

Vienna – Former Federal President Heinz Fischer criticized Friday's non-executive councilor in Vienna FPO, Ursula Sensel. The statement that ORF moderator Armin Wolfe can perform with such a "Verhorthon" (referring to the interview with FPU leading candidate Harald Vilimski) in the "People's Court" is also very bad, "Fischer said in an interview with ZIB2.

"That should not happen," says Fischer, who does not want to issue any reminders, but: "Anyone who has learned something from history will not accept it, but will judge it."

However, he does not want to appeal to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (OVP) for resolving the coalition: "It's not my job. That's what I have behind me to deal with such issues." (APA)

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