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FC Bayern: PC Live Chat – Did Kovac comment on transfers?

On Saturday it is a Bayern match in Leverkusen. More importantly: Does Coach Kovac tell if FCB still gets a replacement for Sandro Wagner? The PK Live Ticker.

  • Bayern denies his first match from the Bundesliga in the second half of the season on Saturday. The record-holder is a guest of Bayer Leverkusen.
  • Sandro Wagner said goodbye to Bayern. The attacker is heading to China to Tianjin Teda. Will Bayern remain a substitute?
  • Frank Ribery and Arjen Robben are again part of the team training. Is it enough for the Sabbath?
  • What ideas does Coach Coach have with regard to the settings?

13:57: So that's it! End of the field. Nothing was wrong with big transfers. Also, on the topic of replacing Wagner, there was an expected response. Otherwise, all players except Tiago (neuromuscular problems) are greatly suited for the Leverkusen match. The Spaniard will decide tomorrow if he can play. Is enough robbery, you have to wait.

13:49, Coffin for a possible rotation in the coming weeks: "It's a problem in the first two or three weeks You have only one game per week so you do not need to switch big when it's sports It's changing now, now we start the English weeks again So we can give more minutes to one player or another, but it's not so obviously rotated as it was in the first round against Augsburg. It's important that the player gets on the training. "

13.44 clock, Kovac again for the Mississippi Missing: "We need to first find a player, there may be two players in the world who could replace him, we must hope that he stands there as it is currently and does not hurt." He is Adonis. problems to let Serge or Thomas play. Miller is polyvalent. I can wake him at night and he plays every position of my complete satisfaction. "

13:42, Coach of the coaching life: "Justify Thomas Poultry when he says we no longer enjoy the respect we deserve. We are not" as strong as coaches in my time. "

13:38, a blacksmith for the injured: "Tiago was not trained today, he has neuromuscular problems. We hope he will be back tomorrow and will be available at the weekend."

13:36, Coach for Leverkusen: "Indeed, a really good team, even under Heiko Herrlich they were good, under Bosz they play even more horsepower again, they have a lot of pull in their actions." "We expect a real fight during the weekend." We need to be careful and not allow stupid balls, because that's where the post office is sent. "

13:35, Coffin of the announced new participants: "Teams do not want to play their players, we have a good team and I have to leave one or two home this weekend. We see ourselves well positioned."

13:32, Kovac speaks of Wagner's departure: "We have someone with Miller and Gnabri who can play this position, Gnabri also plays in the DFB team, so we agreed with the transfer, we will no longer be active in the transfer market."

13:31: Almost on time, Niko Kovac entered the press circle.

13:27: In a few minutes it starts. We are curious that Nico Kovacs has to discover.

In addition, Bayern are six points behind the leaders of Borussia Dortmund. Ironically, it is now a difficult game in Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

However, the dominant topic at the press conference with Niko Kovacs is likely to be different: transfers.

On the final day, one day after the goodbye of Sandro Wagner, the Bayern coach will surely be questioned for possible signings.

Will Bayern replace Wagner? Will James Stay or Will Summer Go? What about Kalum Hudson-Odoy?

PC Live Chat: Will there be a replacement for Sandro Wagner, Mr Kovacs?

Sporting Bayern is likely to return to the part of the duo Robbie. Or are they both against Leverkusen in the team?

Both Arjen Robben and Frank Ribery returned to training during the week.

Interesting about the FCB: For the competitor Dortmund is a weekend on a difficult road to Eintracht Frankfurt. Getting the former Kovacs club closer to Bayern?

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