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Erste Group Bank AG with a new management team

Vienna (A) From July 1st, Alexandra Habeler-Drabek will be in charge of the risk agenda, Stefan Doerler for the Treasury Department and Ingo Blayer on corporate and capital markets. Peter Bosek will continue to be responsible for the private business of the Group's Group and will also assume the role of Erste Bank Osterreich's CEO.

Executive Board Erste Group Bank AG – from 1.7.2019:
Andreas Treck Chief Executive Officer
Bernhard Spalt Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Alexandra Habeler-Drabeck, Chief Risk Officer
Peter Boschek, Chief Retail Officer
Ingo Bleier, chief corporation and director for capital markets
Stefan Doerler Chief Financial Officer
Peter Brevec Chief Operating Officer (until December 31, 2019)
David O & # 39; Mahoney, Chief Operating Officer (since 1.1.2020)
Ara Abrahamyan, Director of Digital Transformation (as of January 1, 2020)

Peter Bravek will remain Chief Operating Officer (COO) by the end of the year, after which he will move to Czech sporadic as Chief Operating Officer. From January 1, 2020, David O'Mahoni will replace and Ara Abrahamian as Chief Digital Transformation Director (CDTO) will complete the then seven-member board. CSR will focus on advancing existing IT systems, processes and IT operations and streamlining them to increase efficiency. With the Board Director for Digital Transformation, Erste Group sets a clear goal: to advance the digitalization of the entire bank. The main task of the CDTO will be to develop and implement a digital strategy for the whole group and to strengthen digital innovation as a central task in all areas of the bank.

Starting January 1, 2020, Andreas Tuckle will take over the presidency of the Supervisory Board of the Erste Foundation, the largest sole shareholder of the Erste Group. By this date, Bernhard Spalt assumes his role as the group's executive director.

"Erste Group will continue the successful course in recent years, starting in 2020, with a great new team of first managers who have been working together for many constellations together for years. The customer's proximity, motivated employees and innovative services are crucial for the future success of Erste Group, "said Friedrich Rodler, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Erste Group.

Erste Group CEO Andreas Tuckle is looking forward to working with this team. These are experienced experts, we have the DNA of Erste Group in them and we will together do so in the interest of our shareholders, but above all in the sense of our founding mission to bring prosperity in the region. I will ensure that this new team continues to carry the conductor baton, which our founders set off 200 years ago with great care and to be inspired by digitalization. And the fact that we have the best employees shows that we have clearly become the leading bank in our region in recent years. No one else is close to the client. "

Bernhard Spalt is hoping for the "opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, building my team for the future." We are open to change, well acquainted with the huge dynamics of the banking market and strong competition within the industry and with new players. a bank in our region that digitization leads with great enthusiasm for our customers Digitalisation is not an end in itself but gives users valuable added value in their financial life The combination of 200 years of experience and trust in comb an initiative with the most modern banking will continue to bear the best for the growing number of our customers. "

Gernot Mittendorfer and Josef Sikela are retired from the Executive Board of Erste Group on July 1, 2019, but will still be available to advise the company.

On behalf of the Supervisory Board, Frederick Rodler thanked all members of the Board for their dedication and commitment in recent years. "They managed to lead our group through a challenging ambience in difficult times and put it so that we are today one of the most innovative banks in Number Europe, and be one of the few to write about the book value of the shares."

Executive Board Erste Bank Austerreich – from 1.7. 2019
Peter Bosek Chairman of the Board
Gerda Holzinger-Burgstaler is a financial and risk manager
Vilibald Chernko, Chief Corporate Officer
Thomas Schaufler Privatkundenvorstand

With the assumption of the post of CEO Peter Boschek at Erste Bank Oesterreich, the Board of Directors will also change on 1.7.2019. Gerda Holzinger-Burgstaller assumes the role of Finance and Risk Management. Willibald Chernko will reinforce the team as a member of the board, and Thomas Schaufler will continue to run the private customer service department at EBOe. Former Finance Director Claudia Holler will leave the Executive Board in the middle of the year and will assume a different role in governance within the Group.

New board members of the Erste Group – short biographies
Alexandra Habeler-Drakek, 48, is a member of the Executive Board and Chief Director of Risk of Slovenská sporitel, the Slovak subsidiary of Erste Group since the beginning of 2017. Prior to that, it was responsible for managing the risk management of the Erste Group Group and the operational risk management at Ester Bank Osterreich. Before joining the Erste Group in 2010, Habeler-Drabeck held various management positions in risk management at the UniCredit Group.

Ara Abrahamyan, 47, Head of the Group for Architecture and Portfolio Management at Erste Group, is responsible for their overall IT strategy, management of the portfolio management and investment management from 2017. Prior to joining the Erste Group in 2015, he worked for Deutsche Bank, where he had a career in IT risk. Abrahamyan holds a doctorate for artificial intelligence and has deep experience in the interface of information technology and risk management.

Ingo Blair, 48, heads the corporate business in the Erste Group since 2015 as a regional manager. This includes the areas of large customers, corporate finance and transactional banking. Before that, he was in charge of investment banking and corporate and acquisition of the Erste Group Finance Department. Prior to joining the Erste Group in 2007, he held various managerial positions at the Bank Austria-Creditanstalt, later in the HVB and finally in UniCredit

Stefan Dorfler, 48, is Chief Executive Officer of Erste Bank Austriaerich, an Austrian subsidiary of Erste Group since 2016. In this position he is responsible for topics such as IT management, big business and public sector business, real estate financing and cooperation with savings houses. Doerfler has been with the Erste Group since 1997 and has held various senior management positions in both Erste Group and Erste Bank, including Group Market Leader and Head of Group Capital Markets.

David O & # 39; Mahoney, 54, is the head of IT Holding in Erste Group since 2016. In this position, he is responsible for the implementation of a number of regulatory and business-oriented projects at the group level. Mahoney joined the governance of the Coo Group in 2015 as a member of the Erste Group. Previously, he had senior management positions in IT and operations in Sberbank Europe, UniCredit and Bank Austria.

New member of the Executive Board of Erste Bank Oesterreich – a short biography
Gerda Holzinger-Burgstaller, 39, has been managing the General Secretariat of the Holding for more than three years and is a member of the Board of Directors of Die Zweite Wiener Vereins-Sparcasse AG from 2017. Prior to that, Holzinger-Burgstaler was the leader of the Prudential Question Group from 2013 to 2015. Holzinger-Burgstaller started his career with the Austrian Financial Markets Agency in the field of banking supervision.

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