Sunday , April 18 2021

Ernst is out, Pēcner dancing in the semifinals

If it is no longer with dance arts, then this is convinced Stefan Petzner with humor and a giant plastic island. The deposit brought a "record" value of 22 points. And: He did what nobody was thinking from the start: the semifinals. "Shift" calls from the audience countered Petzner with: "Nothing has changed".

In voting oe24 Petzner is even a favorite with the winner.


For women pair Virginia Ernst and Alexandra Sheriu's show is over. Her passport, both alive and alive, did not convince the jury one hundred percent. In general, there were only 57 points for the jury. The voting of the audience could not save both of them.

In favor of the vote, Pitzner asks now knights the three best dance couples to win: The highest score scored on Friday, Shoti and Connie. They played in the hearts of the jury and the audience, and especially to the juror Karina. Nikole and Dimitar, as well as Liz and Thomas, are also candidates for the victory. Next week, the four doubles will play for the final.

As a fire test for their performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, our candidate Panda presented her song for the song of the ESC Restrictions in the Square. "I think the show is great. My mother is a dancing professor and I dance for a lifetime."

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