Tuesday , January 19 2021

DualSense controller responds to the air!

The beginning of PlayStation 5 is now coming and the first test videos are appearing on YouTube. From the first few minutes of various Triple A titles to the one included for free on the PS5 Astro Playroom. In a handy video on the PlayStation Access Channel, we see Rosie and Ash testing this game and laughing from the platform experience. And suddenly the game asks you to blow the controller! Reacts DualSense on the air?

The PS5 DualSense controller can automatically recognize its players.  (C) Sony

Astro and DualSense do amazing things on video! © Sony

Surprising fat? DualSense responds to air!

We already know about haptic feedback from shoulder buttons. That these will be harder to push with increased effort. The controller vibrations are also revised and redesigned. The sound module in DualSense Controllers will also be better and probably more used. What I absolutely did not expect, and also had no previous information, was what was in the video Mark at 3:45 p.m. presented. Ingame stands Astro on an island propelled by an elixir and the game makes you blow. According to the screen, you need to blow on the controller and on DualSense reacts to the air you blow. The two women exchange a short, confused look … Rosie blows on the controller and the island starts to move!

Did you know about the feature? Was that what you expected or are you just as amazed as I am now? Just write it in the comments!

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