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"Do not permanently show the federal capital" ""

Viennese health and social adviser Peter Hacker (SPO) and Chancellor Gernot Blumel (OVP) on Wednesday night in the ORF Radio "Krutekst" partially forcibly exchanged views on Vienna's urban politics. Once again, the center was the topic of minimum income.

Mr Blumel, chairman of the OVP in Vienna, accused hackers of having made a "constitutional step forward" with the announcement that he does not want to implement the Basic Minimum Income Act in the form of this draft in Vienna. Hacker resisted, this was "funny stupidity". From the very beginning, he made it clear that his hand was extended to the minister of social affairs, the city council said. "We have always maintained that we are ready for new talks." His work as a social council is to deal with the consequences of the laws.

The draft has "some very basic problems," he stressed. So, he does not want to fight poverty, and also without creating a life, he criticized the hackers. Even literally stands in the draft, that the minimum security should only be a subsidy.

Blumel once again emphasized that it was a "fundamental issue": "It must be possible to work, to have more than someone who does not." "It's about more justice, and this work should be worth again," he noted, "imbalance".

Late-standing criticism

Emotionally, the Vienna Criticism was also debated by the Federal Government. "It's an integral image of a federal capital that just does not fit the facts," Hackers said. The highlight was "insulting the Federal Chancellor of Viennese", "that we are late packers," he referred to Kurtz's statement at a government meeting in Mauerbach about three weeks ago ("I do not think it's good The development is when fewer and fewer people become in the morning to work. ") In reality, however, the federal capital is the" economic motor "of the republic. "You can not permanently demonstrate the capital," says Hacker.

Blumel thought it was "in vain to say that this statement meant convincing Viennese." "It's funny," the minister said. "We are not at all in peace," he resisted Hacker. "It's embarrassing when the chancellor falls out of the role."

Asked about possible coalition options after the Vienna's next election, blocked: In Vienna, the SPO and the Greens are "completely agreed to work until the last day," Hacker said. And then Vienna will decide. "I do not think anything about entertaining speculation," furthermore, in the SPÖ you do not have an "appetite" for the campaign at the moment.

Blumel noted that he himself sees his place in Vienna in the future. Coalition considerations currently do not play a role: first, everyone votes, then consider "and then negotiate".


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