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Chinese fans are angry over the "castrated" version of "Game of Thrones" «

Six minutes shorter was the first episode of the new Play of Thrones in China, the Guardian reports. HBO's pay-TV channel is not there, the series of fantasies will be broadcast on the tech giant Tencent fee. Viewers are used to censor the "Game of Thrones" because of its sometimes excessive naked and violent scenes. But in the episode "Winterfell" there was only a short sex scene, and the brutality was pretty small. However, the Chinese version of the episode was not 54 minutes as the original, but only 48 minutes – to disapproval of the fans.

They expressed their dissatisfaction with the short message service posted by Weibo. "I thought that censorship affects only the scenes," wrote a social network viewer. "Tencent gives us a castrated version of" The Play of the Thrones ", wrote to the viewer. Another criticized:" If these scenes do not have to be seen, why did the writers write them? Why is the director shooting it? "He asked," I do not want to miss a second! "

It belongs to the most successful TV series

"Game of Thrones", which is based on George RR's eponymous series. Martin, is one of the most successful TV series ever. "Die Presse" blogs for each episode of the new season: "Playing the thrones" Season 8, Episode 1: That's how the end begins

Sky shows the series in this country. The cheapest way to view it there is a subscription to the Sky X streaming service, which you can try for free for 14 days. It costs about 20 euros per month. The streaming providers such as iTunes and Amazon can buy individual episodes. The array costs about three euros.

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>> Report in the "Guardian"


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