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Chickenpox vaccine: physician for stimulation system –

Given the current wave of measles, the Styria injection rate is also being considered. Although doctors and experts are opposed to the general vaccination obligation now being discussed, they propose an incentive system.

Fourteen cases of measles were reported in the Styrian Provincial Health Directorate, and twelve were confirmed – more for suspected measles: 50 treatments already (30.1.2019).

Two partial vaccines from the ninth month of life offer life-long protection against measles, according to the medical profession. The inoculation rate is 89 in Styria for the first vaccination and only 79 per cent for the second vaccine.

It is difficult to implement the general obligation for vaccination

The general obligation to be vaccinated as in Italy and France is difficult to implement, since one legally pushes to the limits of individual freedom of choice, the Board of the Children's Hospital Graz, Ernst Eber: "Long duty in the true sense of the word is very difficult, because we must always measure where the individual's freedom lies, where the benefit to society is. It's not like having to get a 100% vaccine. We just need to overcome a 95 percent hurdle and unfortunately we are 15 percent of it. "

Vaccine against measles vaccine

APA / DPA / Ahim Shaydemann

According to Werner Zenz, an infectious obstetrician in the children's hospital who advocates the incitement system, "opponents of radical immunization – that's about four percent of the population – will not engage only in educational work," an indirect obligation to vaccinate, for example, to link social benefits with compulsory vaccination. The vaccine itself is not only a protection for yourself but also a protection for others, because you do not spread measles – as you can see now with small babies – and it will make sense for me to reduce social benefits – for people who do not have their children vaccinated. "

Impflücke in young adults

Health advisor Christopher Drexler (ÖVP) can imagine compulsory introduction of a measles vaccine in the mother-child transmission as an appropriate remedy. In the hospital sector, there is an adequate obligation to vaccinate staff to deal with intensive medical and surgical patients. The appeal for using the free vaccine comes from the Styrian Medical Association. Even in younger ages there is Impflücke, which must be closed immediately.

"130,000 to 160,000 deaths per year"

Given the current wave of measles, Viennese virologers Lucas Veselindner and Heidemari Holzmann (MedUni Vienna) are drawing attention to the study of measles, published in Science for 2015, according to which syphalis for years weaken the immune system of patients.

The argument that vaccine opponents often address the benefits of the measles vaccine is that the "natural" breakthrough of chickenpox "strengthens" the immune system. "We must remember again and again that measles is in no way harmless, but have a very high rate of hospitalization and complications (about 20 per cent)." According to the World Health Organization (WHO), measles in all age groups in the world are still cause between 130,000 and 160,000 deaths annually, "the researchers write.

Styker infectious diseases expert Werner Zenz said at Wednesday's press conference: "It is said that measles have beneficial effects after the onset of the disease, such as asthma protection and better development, all of which has been scientifically refuted several times.The vaccine, it also does not lead to autism, as it is often claimed. On the contrary, measles disease leads to a weaker immune system up to three years later and can therefore more easily lead to death than other diseases. "

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