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Caroline Peters is the best actress «

The Theater an der Wien hosts the Nestroy Awards on Saturday evening. The best performances of the last theater season in Austria and the best performances in the German-speaking zone will be honored for the ninth time. In the evening lead Maria Happel, Viktor Gernot and Peter Fässlacher. Nicolaus Hagg is responsible for the book.

Caroline Peters received the first prize in the evening gala in the stage setting of the Baroque opera "Teseo" with live orchestra. The German actress Burgtheater received the Nestroy award as the best actress for her role in "Strindberg Hotel" by Simon Stone & # 39; for which she was already chosen "Actress of the Year" in the review of the magazine "Theater heute". He is also currently appearing in the comedy "The First Name" by Sönke Wortmann in the cinema.

The award for the best supporting role is given to Dörte Lyssewski

Australian Australian Alice Babidge has transformed the stage of the Theater Academy at the Hotel Strindberg, a three-story dollhouse with two rooms upstairs plus a sober staircase on the right. In two breaks, the torn front of the hotel looks like it is rising to one storey, one deeper. So you'll get the last act, the breakfast room and the reception desk. The fourth wall for the viewer exists as a glass wall. Babidge thanked the director of Burgtheater Karin Bergmann for the trust and direction of Simon Stone for cooperation: "You are a genius!"

Nestroy for the best supporting role went to the German actress Dörte Lyssewski, from 2009/2010 a member of the band in Burgtheater. She was honored for the role of Annemarie Krause in the theater theater "Before Sunrise" by Ewald Palmetshofer after Gerhart Hauptmann and thanked especially the author Palmetshofer and director Parizek.

Klanfurt "Ivanov" wins the federal division

The ORF III Audience Award, awarded as part of the Nestroy gala, was won for the second time by the director, show and puppeteer Nikolaus Habjan. The ill winner had to be represented at the award ceremony by his sister.

The work of Sara Ostertag in the play "Muttersprache Mameloschn" by Sasha Marianna Salzmann has been chosen for the best off-production and concerns different lifestyles of three women from three generations. The collective makemake produktionen released the song in co-production with the Teatr Wiener Kosmos, whose founder and former director Barbara Klein attacked the scene with a completely surprised band, as did the new director Veronika Steinböck. There was a lot of applause for the cheering winners and their announcements: "Art must remain free!"

The special prize was awarded for the theater / film project "Die Kinder der Toten". The Nature Theater of Oklahoma exhibited the novel by Elfriede Jelinek in Steirischer Herbst as a super-8-film rural party for young and old. Director Kelly Copper thanked the charming Germans with the director Pavol Liski u.a. author of Elfriede Jelinek and the population of Neuberg an der Mürz.

Offspring Nestroy to Lara Sienczak

Young Nestroys went to Lara Sienczak from Theater der Jugend (for the role of Sophie Scholl in "White Rose" by Petra Wüllenweber) and Peter Fasing from Volkstheater Wien (for roles in "The Ten Commandments" from the films by Krzysztof Kieślowski). Fasching ended his words of thanks with a statement on cultural policy: "By the way, I think the Volkstheater must remain a theater group."

The winner of the author's prize, Ferdinand Schmalz, was not surprised. The award for his first performance at Burgtheater "everyone (dies)" has already been confirmed. He brought with him a short text that he wrote when the National Day before Burgtheater the tanks rose, while his game was played at home. It was rebuilt on the fortresses, allegedly for our security, "though one might think that those who threaten our security today sit in the ministries." He concluded by referring to weekly protest demonstrations: "The next week is Thursday!"

Two days after Schnitzler's premiere at the Josefstadt Theater, Slovenian director Mateja Koleznik received the Nestroy award for the best provincial performance for the "Ivanov" clagen festival, but she could not take the prize herself because the next project works on her. "Mateja is a master of reduction, she has reduced so much that she is not there today," said actor Markus Hering, who along with the director of the Municipal Theater in Klagenfurt and director of co-production theaters Bolzano, took the trophy.

Otto Schenk's parody of Wiktor Gernot

The previous program of the evening gala program is a parody of Viktor Gernot Otto Schenk before granting him younger prizes and a song sung by six actresses "You are not me" as a solidarity song for those who participated in # metoo debate, "she had the courage to get up", moderated by the Happel hostess .


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