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Car registration: Austria brakes brakes

In March, sales dropped by 9.7 percent and in the EU by 3.9 percent. Amazingly, the German market remained practically stable (minus 0.5 percent). The big losers in Austria were Alfa Romeo, Nissan and Porsche with a drop of over 30 percent. On the winning side, Mitsubishi and Dacia with a plus well over ten percent. VW, the activation of the diesel scandal, registered a minus of 2.7 percent.

In diesel vehicles, new car sales fell 16 percent in March. Strong Plus – at a very low level – was in e-cars. "The main reason for the strong growth in Austria was the large number of newly registered vehicles Tesla Model 3: With 703 new registrations, the Model 3 finished fifth in the new registration ranking in Austria," Ernst & Young's consultancy firm calculated on Wednesday.

It is also steadily decreasing in the EU

In the EU, registration also fell by 3.3 percent in the first three months. It is the seventh monthly fall in a row – based on a slowdown in economic growth. In Italy, where growth is declining, a significant drop in sales can be noticed (up to 6.5%). By contrast, the car's shares rose after China exceeded its growth expectations in the first quarter.

Graphic for registration of new cars

Charts: APA /, Source: ACEA

Volkswagen AG, which sells about 40% of its vehicles in the People's Republic, won 1.6%, Bloomberg reported. EU prospects are different: "Given the weaker economic environment (in Europe, the remark), Brechit's endless debate and political risks, there will be no increase in new registrations," Ernst and Young said of the further trend,

WKÖ: Uncertainty through diesel discussion

Josef Chirac, chairman of the Austrian Federal Trade Association of Austria's Federal Trade Association, regards the sharp decline in new registrations in Austria as a result of promotional measures to divert to the new WLTP standard in the autumn of last year and the uncertainty of customers over the discussion of diesel engine,

A new car to the VW factory in Emden

APA / DPA / Ingo Wagner

New cars of the VW group of the car terminal to the VW plant in German Emden

This year will not be a jubilee, but still solid sales of about 310,000 to 315,000 new cars, so Chirac. In comparison, last year 341,068 new passenger cars were registered, which is 3.5 percent less than in 2017, but it was the third largest value Austria Statistics ever collected.

After a significant increase in sales daily registrations in the autumn of 2018, it is now beginning to be a sharp minus since the beginning of the year. According to statistics Austria, 3,488 cars were sold for 33 percent less cars with short registrations from the beginning of the year. Thus, 4.3 percent of registered new cars were sold with this promotional measure. One year earlier, it was 5.7 percent.

A new abolition does not come

By the way, the removal of the standard consumption (NoVA) by Transport Minister Norbert Hofer (FPO) in January does not come. The relevant car industry talks with Finance Minister Hartwig Leiger (ÖVP) were negative. Even the neutralized conversion to WLTP, published by the predecessor Hans-Joerg Scheling (ÖVP), does not exist, according to Chirac. In the meantime, this gave the finance minister "substantial additional income".

A real price trap is resale

Where the real price pitfalls lurk somewhere else anyway – namely resale. Anyone buying a car from the upper middle class, such as the 5th BMW or Audi A6, loses about 10,000 euros a year. And with a relatively low mileage of 10,000 kilometers, calculated classified ad platform on Wednesday. Anyone who resells a class above him must adjust to losses of up to 15,000 euros. VW Golf is expected to drop by about 2,000 euros per registration year.

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