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Campus in Los Angeles is ready with small chickenpox for news

The newest quarantine quarantine at two colleges in Los Angeles (all local locations):

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The quarantine order for students and employees exposed to measles in two colleges in Los Angeles requires that they stay home until immunity is proven or the period of risk expires.

The order issued this week initially covered more than 200 people at the University of California, Los Angeles, Cal Los Angeles, but dozens have already been released.

According to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, quarantine should not be in contact with others who have not been shown for immunity.

Quarantine for measles can last up to 21 days after the last exposure.

UCLA's possible exposure took place in two buildings on April 2, 4 and April 9. Exposure to Cal State LA occurred at the library on April 11th.


Quarantine was issued to students and employees at two Los Angeles universities who were exposed to measles and who either were not vaccinated or unable to, make sure they have immunity.

Health authorities announced on Thursday that the order, together with the University of California and the State University of California, requires the affected people to stay at home, avoid contact with other organs, if they develop symptoms of chickenpox.

Initially, more than 200 people were affected, but officials expected that the number would fall while demonstrating immunity.

The order comes as the number of measles cases across the country has reached a high 25 years. A small occurrence of measles in the Los Angeles County with five confirmed cases is associated with a foreign trip.

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