Sunday , July 25 2021

Bundesliga: The coach of Salzburg is “bad” after the defeat

Because the second defeat in the season match of the tenth league was not a good sign for the domestic champions in the series for the “final” of the Champions League against Atletico Madrid on Wednesday. Then Salzburg will try their luck again with the one-piece set.

Zidstad remains a tough spot for Salzburg anyway: In the last seven games in Maria Enzersdorf, he cared comparatively little for the Bulls: two wins in four draws and a current defeat. In a way, Marsh doubted that even before the duel with the runner-up. “Because the situation at the table is very clear, it will be a difficult match for us,” he said before the match. Therefore, his request was: “Hide the situation at the table.”

Salzburg slips with Admira

David beats Goliath: In the duel between the leader of the table Salzburg and the bottom Admira, the outsider just won 1-0. People in the southern part of the city give a red lantern to Altah.

A strong sign of life from Admira

But little of that was to be seen in Zidstad, too little against the combative and playful disciplined Admira, who gave a clear sign of life, was rewarded with the first points after five defeats in a row and handed the red light to Altah. Goalkeeper Andreas Leitner, who had to concede just a few shots, boasted of a “brutally sacrificed fight”.

Marsh also praised Admira’s performance (“They fought really well”), but was particularly hard hit by his team. “I am completely dissatisfied and angry,” complained the coach, who made eight changes to Lok Moscow 3-1. “Today was too little for us. “The disappointment is great,” said the American. Asked if that was his small point in Salzburg, he declined to say no.

The wide rotation went wrong

The “fill in the gap” between the two very important appearances in the Champions League against Locke and the last match of the group against Atletico, to which the promotion in the round of 16 called, turned into a disaster due to numerous changes. Marsh made eight changes in the starting lineup and it is unlikely that any player would meet the expectations of the coach.

The comeback of the goal scorer Patson Dhaka, who was injured for about five weeks, went completely, he sent only two shots towards the goal. Only for the second time in the Marsh era, ie. since the summer of 2019, or for the first time since June 17 this year (0-0 in Wolfsberg), the Salzburg team failed to score a goal in the league.

Salzburg started the league season with six wins under command, having only four points in the last four rounds. On Sunday next week, the home duel with LASK is a real hit. And given WAC’s annual financial statements seven days later, Marsh seems to be putting his approach to staff to the test: “I’m thinking of rotating less until the winter break.”

When football writes stories

Admira coach Damir Buric described himself as “simply happy” after the match. His team had no idea for more than 90 minutes that they were at the bottom of the table. “If you had said that before, it would have been amazing. “It is the beauty of football that writes stories like this,” Buric said. Goalkeeper Kershbaum was happy that they were finally rewarded. “You always have to believe in your chances. “Everything was done today,” the 26-year-old emphasized.

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