Wednesday , June 16 2021

Boy (3) ate cannabis cake – hospital

In Hungarian Pongau, a three-year-old child and two women wrongly ate a cannabis cake and suffered poisoning. All three had to go to the hospital. The son of one of the women baked the cake and froze half of it. When she visited her, the mother who did not trust thawed the dessert and served the guests and herself.

Cannabis mixed in dough

Pongauer bought cannabis in the city of Salzburg about a month ago and a few days later he mixed her with the cake in the dough in her parents' house. The 23-year-old ate half the pie, and the rest froze in the freezer. On Thursday last week, the mother then thawed the cake because the 27-year-old from the region with a three-year-old child came to visit. All three became poor shortly after eating the cake, with dizziness and tachycardia. The Red Cross sent her to a hospital where she was hospitalized for cannabis poisoning, police said on Wednesday. Her health has now improved.

The officers provided the cake's remains and found about 20 grams of cannabis in the house. Ponauer was reported on suspicion of an offense and an offense under the Salzburg Prosecutor's Substance Law.

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