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Börse Express – Vienna Stocks end: ATX with fourth loss day in a row

The Vienna Stock Exchange is on the fourth day on Thursday
The sequence is closed with losses. ATX dropped by 16.71 points or 0.52
Percentage to 3227.76 units. Although there is little movement on
European stock markets, the domestic market is under
Pressure. Especially in Heavyweight Losses OMV put an effort on the ATX.

Warning from the Bank Austria for Economic Crisis
it should blur the mood of investors. Expectations for growth
The industry is in one place for the next twelve months
Four-year minimum. It looks better for the US economy.
From January to March, the largest US economy has grown
annually 3.2 percent, more than
Economists expected.

The fall in oil prices is likely to weaken the values ​​of oil companies
we have. In Vienna, OMV shares followed the weak European
Industry trend with minus 1.77 percent. Documents of
The Schoeller-Bleckmann oil field equipment even fell by 4.54 percent.

Conversely, the finances were in green. first
The group received 1.12 percent and Bawag 0.65 percent. on
The Central Bank (RCB) has received 0.76 percent.

Next week brings with Strabag (minus 0.49 percent), Porr
(plus 0.85 percent) and Telecom Austria (plus 1.96 percent)
Abundance of business figures. There is also a ruling of the ECJ
CETA and domestic employment figures for April and for
A decision on the interest rates of the US Federal Reserve in the program. / Mad / you / APA / fba

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