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Borse Express – ROUNDUP / New York Stocks end: Moderate weekly gain

Industry Dow Jones there
After the weak start of the week, it was repaired again.
Pleasant business figures of the healthcare company Johnson &
Johnson had a second leading index at the start of trading on Tuesday
initially was at the highest level since October 2018 before that
The Berza Barometer has lost momentum and a modest plus through
Reached the finish line. Great gains prevented a slide in prices
the health insurance newspaper UnitedHealth.

In the end, Dow rose to 0.26 percent to 26,452.66 points. on
wide S & P 500 moved plus 0.05
Percentage of 2907.06 points only slightly. For technology demanding
Nasdaq 100 Index Selection it increased by 0.34 percent
7654.73 points up.

Among the individual values, chip industry music played: Apple
and the Qualcomm group put your down
more than two years of litigation. All together
Complaints are declining and Apple will make a payment to
Chip company to afford. The amount was not mentioned. In addition, a
The patent agreement ended in the first six years. on
Conditions were not delivered.

Qualcomm investors responded euphorically: stocks rose
about 23 percent, making it the best value
in the Nasdaq 100. However, Apple's price went below the line
hard. Intel titles eventually lost part of their daily profits
and went 0.76 percent higher than trade.

Among other technology actions won the documents of
Netflix streaming service about 3% to 359.46
US dollars. Previously, Deutsche Bank had to buy the documents
advised and raised the price of $ 360 to $ 400. on
Expectations on the market for subscriber numbers published until 2020
The conservative, writes analyst Brian Craft. In addition, the stock price
Up to now enough of Netflix gave way. Chance / risk profile
therefore it is attractive. After completing the market, it disappointed
Companies with cautious appearance and lost the documents
almost 2 percent.

Meanwhile, the reporting season has entered a new round. Customized for
Johnson and Johnson (J & J) had different effects
earnings per share rose slightly more in the first quarter
as analysts expected. The company helped to keep it stable
Pharmaceutical business. J & J stocks rose by just over 1 percent.

United Health Documents but losses start
Win and lose about 4 percent at the end of the Dow. on
The health insurer will really be a surprisingly good start in
Year a little more optimistic. But analysts had one with them
more positive look.

Good business with private customers had Bank of America
Although in the first quarter it has recorded a record profit.
However, the increase in private business's profits was a recession
in the trade business the opposite. Share certificates are closed moderately

At the top Dow, Boeing's shares were received 1.67
Percentages. The FAA air traffic control had a software update for
aircraft of type 737 Max affected by a flight ban as "for"
suitable for surgery. "This nourished hopes that
they fall into jail within two months due to two accidents
The machines can start again soon.

One euro price 1.1283 after closing the US market
US dollars. The European Central Bank had a reference rate
1.1305 (Monday: 1.1313) US dollars. The dollar had
bringing 0.8846 (0.8839) euros. Lost in the bond market
ten-year government bonds 9/32 points to 100 10/32 points and
gave 2.589 percent

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