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BMW X7 – The ship will come

Luxurious statement – the X7 is an elegant fusion of presence and personality. A length of 5,151 mm (wheelbase 3,105 mm), 2,000 mm wide and 1,805 millimeters high – the dimensions say a lot, a huge boat is coming for us … The radiator grille is incredibly big – "a smaller one would not fit the car at all" We apologize for BMW. The X7 carries the largest double kidney (signature on a BMW grid) ever. Undoubtedly impressive appearance.

In the noble interior there is a lot of space (somehow logical, with this external length). Prisoners are divided into three rows. Seven seats are standard, the midline optionally available with two individual seats. All seats are electrically adjustable. Sitzprobe in the last line: Yes, even adults are not claustrophobic! And the volume of the luggage compartment can be expanded from 326 to 2,120 liters as needed.

"X7 drivers want to show they've done it!" Christian Morava, Managing Director of BMW Austria

"He's a long car," Munich said. The vehicle for sports activity can also be off-road (e X). Only: Who rides with such a car in the field? Answer: No one! Adaptive suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers and baseline air suspension are standard features. Depending on the situation, the height of the vehicle can vary up to 80 mm. Two diesel and one gasoline engine are available. Both diesel engines were developed in Steyr, the 265 PS version, also produced in the Upper Austria plant. The model is, of course, the M50d, which reaches 400 with 100 hp and 760 Newton meters in 5.4 seconds. Please do not forget that BMW carries much more than two tons of scales.

Rückfahrassistent is also prominent! He remembers the last 50 meters. This means that he assumes maneuvering maneuvering tasks in which the last distance for traveling in the opposite direction ends.

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