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Black Friday 2018 & Cyber ​​Week Deals

It is not so easy to follow. So, here we collect all interesting Black Friday 2018 and Cyber ​​Week offers that we come across over time.
It definitely pays to visit more often because this article is constantly updated.


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Congstar Cyber ​​Weekend Deal

Even the telecommunications profile has several special offers for you in the beginning. Below you will find all information

Allnet Flat Plus 10 GB for only 20 euros!

For this year's Cyber ​​Weekend 2018 starting on 23.11. congstar came up with something special. 2.311 Allnet Flat Plus prices are offered with a significantly reduced monthly fee.

The offer is valid for contracts with and without maturity. Thus, a maximum saving of 288 euros is possible over 24 months.

Offer and validity

  • Allnet Flat Plus for 20 € mtl. (instead of 30 € per month) *
  • refers to the term and flexibility
  • Reduced price applies to max. 24 months for Flex or for the entire MVLZ for mandatory contracts
  • Term and bookability
  • 11.23. until November 25, 2018 (shutdown is expected on Monday, November 26th)
  • Limited to 2,311 pieces
  • only bookable online


Congstar Cyber ​​Weekend Deal

Congstar Cyber ​​Weekend Deal


from November 21, 2018 8:13

Which VPN Providers Have A Special Cyber ​​Monday VPN Deals About The Hottest Seasons For The Deal In The Year?
At this point, we collect all Cyber ​​Monday, Cyber ​​Week and Black Friday packages offered by PureVPN, NordVPN and all other well-known suppliers for a short and limited time.
A review of numerous VPN providers on our VPN test 2018. Which VPN offer is the fastest, most commonly suffered by the usual Surgeschwindigkeit? Does the rest of the family complain to a lame WLAN if I use the XY provider? Will Netflix run smoothly as PS4 downloads, without delays or accidents? We found out about you.


There is a deal that will be worthwhile, especially in the long run. PureVPN for $ 79 for five years. This corresponds to savings of 88% compared to regular prices.
In other words, you get PureVPN only once 1.32 USD per month, The offer is valid from 16.11.2018.

Family Month of NorthVPN

From October 30, 2018, you receive a three year contract from NordVPN converted to $ 2.99 per month. If you do not want to be bound so long, a still cheap 2-year contract is available as an option.


Again, there are good deals that are definitely worth seeing. On all yearly plans, there are really rich discounts. So SaferVPN gets a year for $ 4.99 per month. It's cheaper at 2 or. 3 years deals:

  • 1 year – 55% discount ($ 4.99 / month)
  • 2 years – 72% discount ($ 2.99 / month)
  • 3 years – 80% discount ($ 2.29 / month)


Also, ExpressVPN can convince our tests with fast connections and stable performance. ExpressVPN is also cheaper for Black Friday. Take a look around the site and do not be fooled. Even if you can not lend extreme deals such as competition, it ultimately comes down to the offered quality.

You can check this yourself. on Offer until November 27, 2018 valid.

Right VPN router

What is the use of the best deal with Black Friday when you can not use the full speed? Exactly! You're tired of installing any device through a web browser or application? There should be something that makes all the nasty "dirty work" in the background.
Is there! Many wireless routers can be set up to automatically secure a secure VPN connection. Catch here: you need a model with lots of computing power. At this point, most routers are out because they are too tight.
Especially recommended at this point is my personal favorite: Asus RT-AC86U is probably the fastest VPN router you can currently buy.

Asus RT-AC86U

Asus RT-AC86U *

from Asus

  • Wi-Fi routers for solving problems in receiving home networks and performance – It is recommended for 180 square meters coverage of WiFi over multiple floors
  • Without an integrated modem – the operation takes place behind any modem or modem router, even if the router is forced by the operator
  • AC2900 dual WLAN total speed (simultaneous WLAN bandwidth up to 1x 2167 Mbits over 5 GHz and 750 Mbits above 2.4 GHz with NitroQAM), Gigabit 1x WAN / 4x LAN
  • Exclusive Asus AiMesh feature for expanding the WLAN range with intelligent network features such as a unified WLAN access and uninterrupted client transfer

Last update on November 20, 2018 at 17:03. Please note that the prices shown here may change. All information without warranty.

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