Friday , October 22 2021

"Battlefield 5" allows only 64 players in Battle Royale mode


In Firestorm mode with

In "Firestorm" mode in "Battlefield 5" probably only 64 players will compete with each other.
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The Battle Royale mode in "Battlefield 5" is probably not as big as in other games. According to one of the creators, the number of players on the map should be limited to 64 – as it always was in the case of "Battlefield".

Thank God for "PUBG" and "Fortnite", today every shooter who is needed for something needs Battle Royale mode, in which countless players fight each other on a huge map, until there is only one left. But while this is possible in all previous Battle Royale games with up to 100 players, in "Battlefield 5" apparently only 64 players can simultaneously fight on the map. This was announced by programmer Ryan MacArthur for VG247.

"Battlefield" should remain "Battlefield"

As a reason to limit the number of players called MacArthur, and thus the feeling of "Battlefield", which should still be transported. In multiplayer games, the series ultimately did not have more than 64 players simultaneously on the map on the go. It's quite possible that from the creator's point of view, the cards are simply too small when there are even 100 players playing at the same time.

However, the last word does not seem to be saying yet. It's quite possible that Dice developers will increase the maximum number of players in Battle Royale mode called "Firestorm". The game will be released on November 20 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One initially without Battle Royale mode. This should be reported in January 2019. By way of an update. Access Origin subscribers and EA Access subscribers can play first title maps from Friday.

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