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Avalanches, mud and floods keep emergency services at their fingertips «

Avalanche released at Hopfgarden in Deferegental © Bruner Pictures

At least from yesterday it is Saturday Complete winter in Carinthia and East Tyrol. The joy of the white glow soon disappeared in some places.

You can find them here most important weather information as well as Situation on the streets and rails.

  • During the night he fell in Upper Carinthia between 50 and 70 cm of fresh snow. You could go to Lesakhtal until Sunday night up to three meters of snow association.
  • East Tyrol and parts of Upper Carinthia have the highest levels Avalanche warning level 5, most of Upper Carinthia is currently up Warning level 4.
  • One went to Nisdorf-Debant Concern outside, in Lienzer Talboden and in Milthal he fights Floods an
  • On a Avalanche it happened at Hofgarden in Deferegental.
  • Because snow removal is too dangerous, many stay on Mondays Schools and kindergartens in Upper Carinthia and East Tyrol closed.

4pm: Glan also floods his banks

In the area Feldkirchen and St. Weit / Glan Emergency services are also battling the effects of heavy rain and storms. In Glanhofen, the fire brigade had to clear Osiaker-Tauern-Strasse, which had been relocated after the mud slipped in the afternoon. In Brickle, the trees fell on Dixer Landstrasse.

Most of them spilled their banks in some parts between Liebenfels and St. Waite. The coastal pedestrian and bicycle path must be closed from Skistetalle in St Waite to the level of the Leibniz’s municipal boundary for security reasons. Flood protection was set up in Glangasse.

FF Glanhofen
Osiaher-Tauern-Strasse was moved by the mud © FF Glanhofen

In Finkenstein Due to flooding, all access to the villages of Altfinkenstein, Outschen and Untergreit is currently closed. All firefighting units in the municipality are in action.

4.15 am: There are still many households without electricity

220 employees of the Tyrol electricity supplier TINEC are currently busy repairing faults in East Tyrol and North Tyrol. About 3,000 households are currently affected, including 2,300 in East Tyrol. Overturning trees constantly causes power outages, including in Villgratental, Defreggental and Lesachtal. Due to roadblocks imposed by the authorities, in many cases it was still not possible to repair the damage. TINEC Managing Director Thomas Tratler: “We do not expect relaxation until Monday night at the earliest. “On Monday, helicopter flights will also be coordinated with the authorities – these have not yet been possible due to the weather.”

Fallen trees cut off power to many places Photo © TINEC

15:55: Kitchen with three buckles without electricity

In Innervilgraten with a three-bucket cooker Joseph Millman The electricity was wasted in Ganerhof, so you had to be creative.

03:38: The embankment in Zeboden slipped on the road

Sunday afternoon slipped into the parish of Zeboden due to heavy rain between Tangerne and Schloeau one for embankment two meters high in a length of about ten meters on the road. On The railway to лоlo .a is impassable until Monday and was provided by the Road Maintenance Service. L 17 can be driven with one lane. People were not injured.

3:05 a.m.: Post bus service to Upper Milthal is discontinued

Due to the current Weather conditions and individually Roadblocks becomes a regular Postbus service for Upper Malta interrupted for security reasons until new notification. The move between Oberwelah and Spital an der Drau is not affected by this. ÖBB asked all passengers at Postbus Carnet to understand the inconvenience.

2.49 am: Gail passes

Floods in Villach as well. Gail has already poured his banks into Infineon level.

2:28 a.m .: Floods and minor mudslides in Finkenstein

All fire brigades in the Finkenstein community have been in action since the morning.

2.10 am: 2,600 households in Tyrol still without electricity

We were in Tyrol early Sunday afternoon about 2,600 households without electricitysaid Tinec spokesman Christian Amer APA The riots in North Tyrol have so far been largely resolved, but not so in East Tyrol. There are still about Internal and external Vilgraten, на Deferential as well as that Towern Valley affected. There, emergency services are currently not or only very difficult to reach the breakdown sites.

1.54 am: precipitation is partly in the record range

It fell between Friday and Sunday morning Precipitation amounts up to 300 liters per square meter. There was also a record of 24-hour fresh snowfall. Tuesday and Wednesday the next lowest level in Italy in Upper Carinthia and East Tyrol will bring again widespread snow and rain.

13:22: More snow is expected

On next Italy low it gets loud on Tuesday Central Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) with us weather efficient and more humid air masses accumulate on the south side of the Alps. East Tyrol and Upper Carinthia are again particularly hard hitwhere again until Wednesday significant amounts of rain and snow need to unite. The snow line is between 600 and 1100 meters.

13:10: Appeal not to climb on any roof

Heavy snow and rain continue in Carinthia. Relaxation is forecast for Monday only, with the next lowest level with a forecast for snowfall for Tuesday. They are current all vehicles for road maintenance in constant usefor rainfall control. Disaster Control Officer of the State Council Daniel Fellner and Marcus Hudobnik, the country’s disaster control officer, made an urgent appeal to the affected population in Upper Carinthia to abide by the orders of the emergency services: “Please stay in your houses and do not climb on snow-covered roofs to clear them with a shovel.“So, Fellner and Hudobnik.

12:52 pm: Danger to life – Syphlitz and Berenbad are closed

Like what Voluntary fire brigade Lind / Drau on Facebook, the villages of Siflitz and Berenbad (municipality of Kleblah-Lind) are blocked: “There is an acute danger to life please stay home! “

12.35pm: Governor provides financial assistance to East Tyrol

Tyrolean Governor Guenter Platter (PVP) responds to persistent heavy rainfall over the weekend that led to avalanches, mud slides and power outages in East and North Tyrol. He assured East Tyrol financial support and announced in a broadcast from the country that he would form his own picture of the situation as soon as the situation allowed. In the meantime he appealed Main District Olga Reisner of the population to stay at home.

11:55 a.m.: Avalanche warning levels 4 and 5 in Carinthia

Again Carinthia avalanche warning service published on Sunday is Avalanche warning level in Upper Carinthia increased to 4, and in some cases even to 5. On Tyrol avalanche warning cap Avalanche Danger Level 5 for East Tyrol and for the area of ​​Ektal, Stubaital and Zillertal Alps, an avalanche hazard level 4 has been issued.

11.32 am: Felbertauernerstras closed

Like what Lienz District Office is also B 108 Felbertauernerstras between Huben and Brichlbrike blocked from now on

11.24 am: 3,500 households without electricity

In Tyrol were included late Sunday morning round 3500 households due to fallen trees on power lines during heavy snowfall and storms without electricity. This he said Christian Amer from Tinec-Stromniec Tyrol APA 22 communities in total 95 stations without transformer supervision have been affected so far – and that not only in East Tyrol, but also in Nordtirol from the Brenner crossing via Viptal to Stzal.

11:18 a.m.: Floods in Malbrike

11:03 a.m.: Miltaler Guard closed

In the direction of Spital there is a blockade of the B106 Mölltaler Straße between Oberwelah and Naplach. Here can release mud. All current traffic reports you will find it here.

10:51 a.m.: Hundreds of firefighters in action

I am The floor of the Lienz Valley Hundreds of firefighters are currently involved in the flooding, including helicopters. One went to Nisdorf-Debant Wet avalanche outside, a “lake” was formed. The avalanche stretches over Heidenberger Feld and came to a standstill just behind the houses there. From the entrance to the water were damaged two housesPeople were not injured. The occupants of the houses in the danger zone were evacuated.

Photo © Maria Schweiger

10:39 a.m.: Avalanche Warning Service Chief: It could be much worse

The head of Tyrolean avalanche warning service, Rudy Mayr, is the situation in East Tyrol with warning level “5” on one side “Great worries“But on the other hand the situation can still”be much worseThe reason: Relatively warm temperatures even at higher altitudes of about 1,500 meters, “play our part a little,” Meir explained in an interview with APA. But there was still no talk of relaxation.

Temperatures, as well as the rain that currently prevails in East Tyrol, would rise Wet snow and avalanches led that turn not this ultimate destructive power would have. “To put it bluntly, technical language says, ‘They tend to starve to death,'” Meir said. “If it was 15 degrees colder, you would have to expect dust avalanches“They have a high potential for destruction,” said the head of the avalanche warning service. However, snowflakes can endanger exposed roads and settlements or damage them.

10:24 a.m.: Heavy snowfall in Heiligenblut

10.15 am: Latshah fire brigade in action

There were trees on the street in Altfinkenstein and Untrengroit.

09:52: More roadblocks

9.35 am: Avalanche in Hopfgarden in Deferegental

Also in I am Hopfgarten Deferegental come to one Avalanche. Some houses were affected. According to initial information, no one was injured. Cleaning is currently underway.


9.15 am: “Avalanche Warning Level 5”

The persistent Heavy snowfall and storms in the mountains increased avalanche risk in East Tyrol. Tyrol avalanche warning service announced for Sunday Level “5”, ie the highest level of danger.

8.58 am: Road blocks

On B111 Gailtalstraße is between Kötschach-Mauthen and Obertiliach is closed. Due to the snow there is no passability on either side. Besides that, Plokenpan blocked. On Total closure between Flakehre and Dalah lasts at least until Monday.

8.34 am: Mountain guides expect the situation to worsen

“We ask the residents to orient themselves regarding the roadblocks and the information on the situation to the radio reports and the relevant crisis teams of the communities, these are the official bodies where all the information is collected,” Groglokner Mountain Guides Facebook Page.

8.18 am: Three meters of snow

“The impact of low pressure remains,” he said Reinhard Pruger from meteorological experts. “Especially in the west, it should continue to snow or rain heavily. In Lesakhtal you can up to three meters of snow association “.

7.56 am: Police need snow chains

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