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Apple pulls the plug on internal Facebook apps

Cupertino (California) / Menlo Park (APO / DPA) – The controversy surrounding the Facebook market research application that took over the entire activity of a smartphone now affects the development of software on the online network.

Facebook has put the iPhone app on the past Apple – a feature that allows companies to bring in-house applications for their workstations. It distributed the application in this way to external participants in the study, was a violation of the rules of the service, Apple said – and withdrew Facebook on Wednesday, certificates of it.

Since then, internal testing applications, for example, for future versions of Instagram or Messenger no longer appeared on Facebook's Facebook employees, inter alia, on the The Verge tech blog and the Bloomberg financial service. Also affected is the application through which Facebook organizes the transport of employees.

The Facebook Research application has managed to access the requested permissions, including chat, send photos and videos, the addresses of visited websites and tracking application data, said IT security expert Will Strafach after analyzing the application on the TechCrunch blog ". Initially, it was unclear what information Facebook actually was interested in. The users of the application aged 13 to 35 received up to $ 20 a month to participate.

Facebook said users were informed about data collection – and juveniles were asked for confirmation of their parents. At the same time, the online network announced it will discontinue the online habits research application that has been in use since 2016. Facebook wants to recognize customer behavior trends in the beginning in order to tailor its services to it.

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