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And damn it: Google + death will be on Monday, it will provide your data

In December, it was announced that Google would close its Google+ network earlier than originally planned. The background was serious security problems and connection to leaks of user data. Now Google has released details and a completed schedule – starts next week.

A new look on Google+Personal data can already be downloaded

Google has often made fun of trying to build a successful social network with Google+. Finally, last year's long-awaited decision came to stop the network. However, after Google+ was hit by data theft that allowed unauthorized third parties to access data from more than 52.5 million users, things should be faster. Now well-known: The first steps to close Google + will start next Monday, February 4th.

Stop new profiles, pages and more.

New profiles, pages, communities, or events will not be created on Mondays. In that case, Google+, commenting on, will also be disconnected, and from March 7 will also be interrupted for other Google+ sites and providers.

Accordingly, all comments on Google+ will be deleted from April 2. It will also exclude Google + general access for ordinary users.

An exception to Google G Suite

For Google G-Suite users, as previously announced, there is one exception – Google+ will continue to exist there. According to the group, but you want to work on the user interface and features, when you see something new, but it was not yet revealed.

Google plans to offer expanded community data retrieval for administrators starting in March. Pictures and videos from private profiles and pages can already be loaded, otherwise they will be deleted in April.

You can download and save this entire content. Photos and videos already saved in Google Photos will not be deleted. Google now offers assistance in a large collection of frequently asked questions.

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Google, social network, Google+, social media
Google, social network, Google+, social media

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