Thursday , April 22 2021

Amazon promises: "prime" delivery soon the very same day

Seattle – With prosperous internet commerce and enjoying cloud services, Amazon launched the year with record profits. However, due to growth in growth, Amazon wants to further improve customer supply: they are working to deliver consumer standards within 24 hours – first in North America and then in the world, CFO Brian Olsawski said. So far, Amazon has targeted deliveries to the prime minister's office within two days.

Current work significantly exceeded expectations of analysts: In the first quarter, the surplus grew by a surprisingly strong 125 percent per year to $ 3.6 billion (3.2 billion euros), according to Amazon on Thursday after the US market closed. Never before has the world's biggest retailer earned so much for a quarter.

Revenues rose 17 percent to 59.7 billion dollars. Although this is a decent plus in the context of market expectations, however, Amazon delivered the fourth quarter with a significant slowdown in sales growth in a row. The group continues to generate most of its Internet trading revenue in its home market in North America. But other sectors now well throw money.

Confidential business with cloud services

Amazon's outstanding IT services and network storage business continued to grow strongly. The AWS Web platform, which sells cloud services to companies, increased revenues by 41 percent to $ 7.7 billion. The operating profit of the lucrative division increased by 59% to $ 2.2 billion. Amazon has also grown strongly in online advertising business.

In addition, the group of star entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, whose spending anxiety investors often make nervous, is now making great strides to keep the cost of the helm. In the past quarter, spending has climbed only 12.6 percent – an unusually low figure for Amazon relations.

Founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos.

Founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos.


If Amazon actually guarantees its "prime ministers" for the same day of delivery, then the cost of the company is likely to increase again. The promise will require more effort and more storage. The whole logistics must be expanded. The group intends to spend a total of about $ 800 million in the current quarter.

For the current quarter, the company expects sales to increase to 59.5 to 63.5 billion dollars. Investors responded positively to quarterly figures, however, the share registered only a slight increase after the stock exchange. The price has already been increased by about 24 percent in the year to date, with a stock market value of about 936 billion dollars recently, Amazon is returning to the magical trillion mark. (AP)

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