Friday , October 22 2021

Alassane Pléa shoots Borussia Mönchengladbach to victory against Werder Bremen


Game man: Who is this? Alassane Pléa from Gladbach defeated Werder almost by himself and is now at the top of the scoring list. Three goals in Bremen, eight in total this season. This is not a bad summer transfer.

Score: Borussia Mönchengladbach wins Bremen 3: 1. Click here to view the Bundesliga group news with all the results of the afternoon games.



Gladbach breaks down Werder:
Pléa for the first, second and third

First half: Gladbach performed better with starting blocks and the first useful qualifications. After Davy Klaassen lost the ball, Lars Stindl appeared before Jiri Pavlenka, but was paired (15 minutes). Werder needed 20 minutes to enter the game. Then Martin Harnik (23 minutes) and Klaassen (28.) gave the hosts a chance. The only goal before the break, however, fell on the other side – one that has not yet appeared.

First hit: In the 39th minute Werder did not explain the reasonable angle of Gladbacher. Lars Stindl left the second row. The shot was blocked and landed on Pléa's detours: the Frenchman took the ball to the right, let Davy Klaassen and Martin Harnik fall into the void and shot the left wing to the opposite angle. The action fits everything from the guest's point of view and nothing at Bremer. In other words: the offensive of the Champions League meets the youth defense of F. And that was just the beginning.

Causes the second jump: Yes, you can train standard situations. All the better if it pays off like Gladbach shortly after rebooting. Gambling turned the corner from the right, not high in front of the goal, but on the penalty line. Pléa disbanded well and left immediately. His left stopwatch was flown by Milos Veljković and slipped through the legs of Maximilian Eggestein and Pawlenka into the goal.

The third Pléi joke: Strong Oscar Wendt turned on the offensive and played from left to shallow goal. Pléa stood where he had to stand – in the first position, namely – and shred the ball to the Pavlenka barrel in a short corner. Simply beautiful.

Second half: There was an attack on Werder after the Pléa gate. Nuri Sahin scored after good help from Ludwig Augustinsson from 15 meters in the far corner (59th). Deputy Claudio Pizarro led the bar (76 & # 39;), Theodor Gebre Selassie did not succeed Yann Sommer (78 & # 39;). On the other hand, the initial decision to counterattack (72) has forgiven. And Pléa? He almost scored his fourth goal, but Pavlenka cleaned the heavy but unmarked shot of a Frenchman (84 & # 39;).

A typical Kohfeldt: At the break, Werder was 0: 1 behind. And what did coach Florian Kohfeldt do? He changed offensively. For the midfielder Philipp Bargfrede, an additional striker arrived with Johannes Eggestein. Then more hits came. And what did Kohfeldt do at level 1: 3? Together with Sahin, he also took his other six from the field and brought Pizarro. Sometimes the hosts played with six strikers on the line in the opponent's penalty box. The fact that it naturally opens up rooms for Gladbach's counterattacks is a calculated risk for Kohfeldt. Did he draw conclusions from 2: 6 against Leverkusen? Not exactly.

Proposal: Bremen loses the third time in a row – but with his own style. Gladbach remains second in the table, followed by Borussia from Dortmund, second best offensive in the Bundesliga – also thanks to Pléa.

Werder Bremen – Borussia Mönchengladbach 1: 3 (0: 1)
0: 1 Pléa (39.)
0: 2 Pléa (48.)
0: 3 Pléa (52.)
1: 3 Sahin (59.)
Bremen: Pavlenka – Gebre Selassie, Veljkovic, Moisander, Augustinsson – Bargfrede (46. J. Eggestein), Sahin (75th Pizarro) – M. Eggestein, Klaassen – Kruse – Harnik (87. Rashica)
Gladbach: Summer – Lang, Ginter, Elvedi, Wendt – Strobl – Neuhaus, Hofmann (68. Zakaria) – Hazard, Plea (86. Traoré) – Stindl (69th Johnson)
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Judge: Sören storks
Yellow cards: no

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