Wednesday , June 16 2021

A sad picture of a destroyed house

American singer Miley Cyrus and her friend, actor Liam Hemsworth, have $ 500,000 Victims of forest fires in California I won. This was reported by the US news channel CNN on Tuesday. The money will benefit the victims in Malibu, where a couple of celebrities lost their home in flames. Cyrus and Hemsworth's spokeswoman said, according to CNN, that the money went to the Malibu Foundation, which helps people affected by the disaster.

The community counts

Hemsworth published his photo on Instagram on Tuesday burnt building "I spent the day in Malibu yesterday and was amazed to see how the community is holding and how people can help each other the best they can." Malibu is a strong community and believes that the current destruction will make the community stronger. In addition, Hemsworth thanked many firefighters and helpers. "I love you, people, I love you, Malibu," wrote the actor, calling for a donation to rebuild.

Love stays

Hemsworth's picture has been published by him and Miley Cyrus, "the house is in ruin, the only thing left is how the actor writes:" What's left of my house. "Love." This is a stone inscription of a word that stood the fire.

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