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30 days without alcohol: It is therefore logical to give up a month

Updated on April 26, 2019, 14:55

Do you want to drink Feuerbachbierken or a glass of red wine in the evening? You are not alone with that. Germany is ranked in the top third of the global comparison and is considered a country with high alcohol consumption. However, harm to health should not be underestimated. In the next gallery you will find out why it makes sense to quit alcohol for just one month.

Alcohol is essentially a legal remedy. We consume it because it makes us get intoxicated and because we are accustomed to drinking a glass or two in certain situations. But we do not need alcohol to quench our thirst, nor serve as a meaningful food intake.

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The liver is very tolerant and has a high regenerative potential. But for some time she needs rest. Temporary alcohol withdrawal can help return the liver values ​​on the right path. The more you drink before, the longer you need to recover your liver.

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Especially treacherous liver disease is that they often do not attract attention. The liver does not feel pain and therefore does not send clear warning signs. A lack of detoxification can lead to constant fatigue. Give alcohol for a month, you will feel more fresher and pious again.

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If you often look too deep in the glass, then you only know the days of a hangover too well. The head is heavy and you can not concentrate on the work. If you remain sober for a long time, you will notice how your performance will improve not only in the workplace.

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Alcohol in the long run of your strength, you are tired of sports. If you do not drink for a long time, you will surely feel energized again. Exhausting jogging in the fresh air can be just as exciting as a glass of wine on the terrace. Try it!

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If you have previously consumed alcohol every day, after 30 days you will notice abstinence as throwing pounds. Half a liter of beer can contain up to 250 calories stored as fat. And be honest – how often does it just stay with beer?

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In addition to "empty calories" consume alcohol, you drain the fluid and salt from your body. In addition, certain brain activities are stimulated, causing a sense of hunger. What is happening? They yearn for salty and savory foods like chips, hamburgers or pizza. Another reason to give up alcohol for a while.

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Full intoxication damages our nerve cells. It's literally smarter if we do not drink. If we give up alcohol, we respect our memory and enjoy the full capacity of our brain.

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Have you ever drowned trying to have a serious conversation? And do you have trouble remembering the next day? Drink apples instead of alcohol for 30 days, you will enrich your life with many beautiful memories and conversations. Film cracks and shame are spared.

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Drinking night affects not only your health, but also your wallet. Drink water instead of expensive cocktails for 30 days and leave aside the money. After a detox cure you treat yourself to something nice and reward for your endurance.

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Alcohol relaxes and helps you fall asleep faster. Yes, that's right. What you probably did not know: you sleep with alcohol more quickly – but worse. Overnight, your consumer behavior will be retaliated and this will lead to insomnia. Do not drink alcohol, you will not wake up so much at night and sleep peacefully.

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A month of abstinence will not help you, unless you win the last eleven months of the year. It is also best to keep up alcoholic non-alcoholic days out of alcohol. Doctors recommend at least twice a week to drop beer after work and simply take water, tea or other alternatives without alcohol.

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