Monday , June 21 2021

Why Broncos must release Wayne Bennett

PRESSURE is being assembled on Brisbane Broncos to immediately resolve the club's failure of coaching.

Chief Executive Paul White either has to confirm his position that Wayne Bennett will rule in 2019, or he will be busy clearing the way for Anthony & # 39; Seibold to start working next week, when the full Broncos will return to pre-season training.

Bennett is still abroad after training England to win the recent test series against New Zealand and is not back in Australia until next Wednesday.

It is understood that Bennett will be absent from training until December 3, except for occasional appearance.

Bennett has long been training in accordance with the philosophy that the first preseason stage belongs to the Health team to give players the greatest freedom before the ball is put into training sessions.

Will Bennett Brisbane coach in 2019? AAP Image / Glenn Hunt.

Will Bennett Brisbane coach in 2019? AAP Image / Glenn Hunt.

On the surface it gives both Bennett and Brisbane more time to determine what the next move will be.

But what shows how dysfunctional the situation is is that Bennett also admitted this week that he had not spoken to either his chief executive or chairman Karl Morris since the club presentation in early October.

Even when news appeared that Josh McGuire had agreed to the conditions for playing in North Queensland next season, shortening his contract with the Broncos, he understood that Bennett had not received any input into the decision, but Seibold was.

Treat it the way Bennett reads did not take what can be seen as a lack of respect for the heart.

However, given the importance attributed to pre-season preparations in each NRL club together with warehouse management, the situation seems simply absurd and impractical to everyone involved.

While we will continue to talk about the replacement of the coach in the coming days, Bennett's mind gave his commitment to the players from Brisbane to see the contract next season.

Bennett will be the South Sydney coach since 2020. Photo by Annette Dew.

Bennett will be the South Sydney coach since 2020. Photo by Annette Dew.

Some criticized Bennett for retaining the ransom club, but he is relentless under any circumstances, because it was the Broncos who called him to pursue a new coach when they set out for Craig Bellamy for the first time, leaving Bennett with no option, looking for a job for 2020 and later.

Bennett maintains that he will leave Brisbane only sooner if he is dismissed and not once departed from this attitude.

But the problem for the Broncos is that while White also announced Bennett will stay in 2019, Seibold showed his hand earlier this week when he said he wanted to make a decision within 48 hours.

The term has long passed, but there is still no solution in sight.

But he showed that Seibold is clearly informed by someone that the movement is on the cards, even if nobody wants to say so in public.

There is still no solution in sight.

There is still no solution in sight.

Now white has to pull the trigger, but the longer it stays the more dangerous this game is.

It has been reported that some Rabbitoh players are disappointed that Seibold had a choice at another club, while Brisbane players say publicly that they hope Bennett will see his last season.

Now players from Souths also say they are expecting Bennett to arrive.

From the coach, whose career in the middle of the season looked to be doomed to failure, Bennett again went to a position of strength.

Make no mistake, even if he is finally released, Bennett will leave on his terms.

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