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Welp, the updated Samsung Galaxy Fold's display is already damaged

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Even though the re-engineered Samsung Galaxy Fold supposedly features design improvements over the original iteration, TechCrunch reported today its review unit's display is already damaged.

According to hardware editor Brian Heater, he pulled his Galaxy Fold out of his pocket and found a colorful blob in the middle of the display. Not a sprawling blob, but the Heater noted only had the Galaxy Fold for 27 hours.

The heater also said he would drop the phone on concrete, dunk the phone in the water, or stepped on the phone. As a result, he believes pressing the display close to the device was enough to cause the colorful blob to appear.

According to Heater, Samsung has now damaged the Galaxy Fold and will take it apart to see exactly what went wrong.

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We don't have to come across any issues with our review unit. However, this is a great look for Samsung. The company postponed the Galaxy Fold's launch earlier this year due to design flaws. These flaws led to several issues, including dust getting underneath the top layer and reviewers accidentally removing what was believed to be the screen protector.

In the months since, Samsung adjusted the Galaxy Fold's design. Improvements include an extended protective top layer, additional reinforcements, protection caps, and additional metal layers underneath the display.

Even with the improvements, Samsung advises owners to handle the Galaxy Fold with a "special level of care."

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