Sunday , June 13 2021

Weather in the south-east of Queensland: "very dangerous storms were predicted for some regions

The Office of Meteorology warns of major thunderstorms that can bring high hail, on Sunday in the southeast of the country there can be destructive winds and heavy rain as part of a potentially wild weather weekend.

The employees arriving at the Gold Coast can count on strong winds and even hail during the first weekend of partying at the Glitter Strip.

The rain is expected to start later this afternoon and last until Sunday morning, bringing with it possible extreme weather conditions.

Meteorological office meteorologist Gabriel Branescu said that the forecast was quite standard for this time of year.

media_cameraPerfect one day, welcome to the next one on the Gold Coast. Photo by David Clark

"We look at a busy day with lots of activity, starting in the late morning, early afternoon," he said.

"The main concern would be devastating winds, high hailstorms and heavy rainfall, in fact we have a very big chance of what is going on."

His concerns were confirmed by meteorologist WeatherZone, Jacob Cronje, but he said that the weather should remain calm for most of the week.

"Monday and Tuesday should be mostly semi-cloudy, everything that's going to happen is just a few drops in the afternoon," he said.

"Every rain that falls will be a drop, nothing crushes the earth."

media_cameraThe general B OM warning forecasts are storming west of Darling Downs.

Meanwhile, isolated very dangerous storms are possible with a huge hail of more than five centimeters and devastating winds, especially in the vicinity of Taroom, Roma, St George and Dirranbandi.

Closer to Brisbane, showers and storms are now available for Ipswich.

The Office of Metrology provided the city with 80% chance of rain, although only a small one.

Partly cloudy with possible rains from late morning hours, as well as a chance for a possible serious storm in the afternoon.

A maximum of 30C is forecasted.

The odds for rain will fall by around 50 percent tomorrow, and the temperature will drop to 25 degrees with the south-east change.

Monday should be a bit warmer at around 27C.

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