Saturday , April 17 2021

Warning about toxic gases as a plant increases in smoke

A PACKAGING plant in Kewdale is on fire, sending a massive cloud of potentially dangerous smoke into the sky.

A total of 30 firefighters deal with fire, at the corner of the streets of Norlin and Glassleod Road, near the road Quideil and Tonkin.

ChemCentre and the Environmental Protection Unit and Pollution Response Regulations provide technical support to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

Drivers are asked to evacuate the area, reduce speed, and be aware of the fire and other emergency officers.

Stackford Road, Nolling and Hazelhurst are closed along the Kewdale Road between Abernathy Road and Tonkin Highway and the Abernathy Road between the Kewdale Road and the Hazelhurst Road.

Drivers are warned to allow extra travel time and expect a delay due to the heavy stops caused by closing the road.

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Cold front to bring "significant virus", warns DFES

The fire in Kewdale. Photo: Main Roads

The Fire and Emergency Department issued a general warning of danger, saying that the fire resulted in potentially hazardous smoke in the area.

"People in the area bordering Glassland Road, Northline Street, Miles Paus, and Hazelherst Street can be affected by smoke or fumes," DFES said in a warning.

"As a precaution, people in the area should stay inside, smoke or gas, with closed doors and windows. Also, air conditioners should be turned off.

"People should stay away from this area. If you are already in the area, consult with emergency services."

People with medical attention should contact their local doctor or call Zdravko Direct at 1800 022 222.

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