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Updating Michael Schumacher: Blue Mick "It's Hard to Handle"

Michael Schumacher's heart broken son of F1 legend Michael Schumacher is "hard" to deal with the broken injuries on his father's head, one of his friends found.

The seven-time world champion Michael, 49 years old, was kicked off a terrible ski crash on December 29, 2013, reports The Sun.

He suffered traumatic brain injuries after hitting his head on a cliff while skiing in the exclusive resort of Mirabell in the French Alps.

His son Mick, a 19-year-old Formula One driver, competes in F3, is "completely closed" for his father's health, according to friend Nicklas Nielsen.

Nielsen told the Danish daily BT: "Mick does not say he's sad about his father. He just said sometimes it's hard."

Schumacher's chance to renew

Schumacher's chance to renew


The Schumacher's family is incredibly private about the details of the condition of the former Ferrari star. Nielsen suggested he could "recover", but it was too difficult to know for sure, and said Michael Ralph's younger brother was not talking about the health of his brother and sister.

"He was completely closed and did not speak (from the Schumacher's family). I still do a little karting with Ralf Schumacher and his team and nobody talks about it," Nielsen said.




"Maybe Michael is coming back and will only come out again when he's completely rehabilitated, but it's hard to say what's going on."

The sport icon reportedly receives $ 200,000 a week at a special medical facility at his home in Geneva, where it is added to the costs that are now expected to exceed $ 35 million.

In 2016, his lawyer told the court that Schumacher "can not go" in response to speculation in the German media about his condition.

Mike Schumacher aims to follow his father's footsteps.
Mike Schumacher aims to follow his father's footsteps.Source: AFP

Nielsen says despite the tragic family circumstances, star Mick descends on the ground, and nothing is like Red Bull F1, Mag Verified, who painted the disagreeable picture.

"I know (Mick) very well, also private. He is a very quiet and peaceful person, he is like everyone else," Nielsen said.

"Mick is a very nice and welcoming person, and he talks to everyone." He is not like Max Versaden, who does not care about anything and just wants to move forward for himself. "Mick is well-educated and is a good boy."

Nielsen, also a professional runner who competed with Mick, said the father and son were always friendly to everyone – which is not something he could say to the lovers of Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton.

"Michael was with Mick around the tracks many times, so they were very close to the crash," Nielsen said. "They had a very professional approach to everything.

"Michael and Mick went in, they went around and said good morning to everyone and shook hands … They are just some nice people."

Last week, details about the heart of Schumacher's wife's letter appeared, which gives rare information about his condition.

Koina Schumacher, 49, described her husband as a "fighter" in a note revealing nearly five years of his ski tragedy.

Schumacher remains firm on Michael's terms.
Schumacher remains firm on Michael's terms.Source: AFP

In the emotional letter sent in the unknown time to a German musician, Korina said: "I would like to sincerely thank you for your message and a nice gift that will help us in this difficult time.

"It is good to receive so many kindly wishes and other well-meaning words-a great support for our family.

"We all know that Michael is a fighter and will not give up."

It is written in response to the harmonica Sasha Herchenbach, who sent the family a recording of a new song named Born to fight. He compiled the track in the months after the tragic accident.

Mr Herchenbach, 38, published the contents of the letter last week in an interview with the German magazine Bunte.

He told the publication: "I did not expect to get an answer and was overloaded.

"The letter was handwritten and signed by Corina on her office work.

"She wrote that she was very grateful for the gift and helped her family in this difficult time."

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