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Twitter on the hammers "petulant, snide" Aussie Banking Chief Ken Henry

Twitter broke out in anger over the "arrogant, angry, reckless" performance of President of the National Australian Bank Ken Henry in the banking royal commission.

Henry, a multimillionaire who once was the most powerful and respected civil servant in Australia, provoked the anger of disgusting responses, ridicule questions, or refusing to respond and speak under his breath.

The former Treasury Secretary, who owns large properties outside of Canberra, told the senior adviser, Rovena Ohr, the QC, the questions he thought he should answer, and those who did not.

The answer to Twitter was basically turned off with the head.

Posters on Twitter believed that his "coping" and "obscene" responses should lead to his withdrawal from the board of NAB, and one called him "dinosaur".

"Ken Henry, the arrogant Idiot, in his mind that raises customers, seems to be a buyer's problem," @ gretep4 reported.

"Every respected shareholder needs to seek his immediate resignation."

Others say Henry "harassed … not respected" Ohr and some are threatening to close their NAB accounts immediately.

Ken Henry's Wikipedia page was briefly rewritten to say that he had met the Royal Commission as "an arrogant tool and a real ball".

While other heads of banking and financial institutions have offered the Royal Commission apology and confessed mistakes, Henry was less prepared.

Take this exchange when Orr emphasized Henry about the board's response to the "service scandal".

The NAB executives reportedly stayed silent for 11 months before informing the ASIC regulator that the bank was $ 34.6 million ($ 36.8 million), violating the purchase.

Orr: Do you accept that the board was going to come in earlier?

Henry: (a long pause) … I wish we had, let me say it … I still do not know …

Ohr: I would like to answer my question, Dr Henry. Do you accept that the board should step ahead?

Henry: I answered the question of how I can answer the question.

Ohr: I'm sorry, is it yes or no Dr. Henry?

Henry: I answered the question how to answer the question.

Ohr: Well, I would like to answer my question. Do you accept that the board should step ahead?

Henry: I wish we had.

Ohr: I'll take it as if, Dr. Henry

Henry: Well, you take it as if. Okay?

Twitter posters were also an exception to Henry's "Doctor", @thehonestbank tweeting, "Just because you have a DP before your name does not mean you are God." Unfortunately, Ken Henry of NAB did not receive the memorandum. "

Henry C.C., "Doctor" by a Ph.D. in economics and companion of Australia for his work as an economist and preserving the habitat of the endangered hairy wombat, at other times was deplorable.

When Ohr asked the question, and Henry dismissed him, saying that we had "passed" the question, Orr replied: "No, I'm sorry I do not think."

Henry shot, "No?"

Orr: No

Henry: (under his breath) No, I would not.

Ohr asked Henry about the lack of an official NAB bill for violating the law when he made a formal breach of a notice of payment of at least 12,000 US $ 2 million in fees for non-service charges.

Orr: Surely someone in your business at that moment was considering whether this behavior is contrary to the law, and if so, how did it break the law?

Henry: Yes.

Orr: Surely those were the things that the chief risk officer should report to the risk committee?

Henry: "Maybe."

Or: Back to where we started "maybe", Dr. Henry?

Henry: Yes, perhaps.

Ohr: And I am afraid that I still do not understand the reason for your ambiguity?

Henry: Probably can not explain.

At other times, Henry adopted the style of lecture as the issue of bank managers had huge bonuses, began to talk about the state of capitalism.

"The capitalist model is that businesses have no responsibility, except to maximize profits for shareholders," he said.

"Many people who took part in this debate over the past 12 months have said that it's all about answering boards, that they are focused on maximizing profits for shareholders."

Rovena Ohr has repeatedly asked Ken Henry to answer the question of postponing the board's board to a breach notification. Photo / delivered
Rovena Ohr has repeatedly asked Ken Henry to answer the question of postponing the board's board to a breach notification. Photo / delivered

Asked by Ohr, whether he had previously seen the document he showed him, Henry said he could not remember.

"It does not really matter, do you?" he said, before looking at Orr's stone answer and adding, "Maybe he does."

Henry, who worked as a tax consultant for both Liberal and Labor Governments, is considered the main favorite of the left.

After working for former Prime Minister Paul Keating to successfully defeat leader of opposition leader John Hewson! The election campaign GST 1993, Henry worked for John Howard.

He continued working for Kevin Rudd, writing the Henry 2010 Tax Review and the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard as a Special Adviser.

However, even Fairfax Press was damaging its royal commission performance with the Australian Financial Review describing it as a "ton of deaf".

"Henry worked to portray himself as a deep thinker … but thereby blurred NAB's views on key issues of governance and customer care," AFR wrote.

Appointed in 2011 as the NAB CEO, and then in 2015 as President, Henry is also the Director of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

In 2016, Henry said the belief that the bay between the big salaries of chief executives and the few average workers could not be wider.

He said he would work to align wages to customer performance.

However, last year the NAB announced a profit of 6.64 billion dollars, it announced that it would cut up to 4,000 bank positions.

Despite Henry's goal of reducing staff cuts, NAB's chief executive, Andrew Torbourg, could achieve a record profit of $ 10.76m this year if he achieves goals for success.

As president, Henry, who comes from a humble background, grew up in Tari as the son of a carpenter, earning only $ 790,000 from the NAB itself.

He also receives salary as director of Reconciliation Australia, ASX, as executive director of the Institute of Public Policy at the Australian National University and chairman of the Advisory Council of the SMART Infrastructure Fund at Wollongong University.

Henry says his rural background made a fervent conservation campaign, and he and his wife Naomi in the council of the animal welfare institute, without sound.

"There are several quests that are nobler in life than giving voice to those who otherwise will suffer in silence," says Henry in his Voiceless profile.

But he speaks of his beloved hair, and not for bank customers.

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