Saturday , April 17 2021

TRUE EXHIBITION: Bitcoin is selling after the discovery of Teterher

tertiary bitcoin

Bitcoin's price began to decline after a crypto-exchange billing report Bitfinex and its digital tether (USDT).

Micky News confirmed that Bitfinex reportedly used US dollars to support the coin to cover up $ 850 million that disappeared.

This finding was allegedly accomplished after an investigation by New York lawyer Letizia James.

"Our investigation finds that the operators of the trading platform" Bifexinx ", which control the virtual currency, have been involved in concealing to hide an apparent loss of $ 850m from combined customers and corporate funds," said Attorney General James.

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New York Attorney General Letizia James

The Attorney General's Office issued a court requesting the company's operators to immediately stop further deterrence of US dollar funds that support the "toner" tokens.

And companies are banned from destroying all documents and communications that could be relevant to the investigation.

"The state in New York has been leading the way that virtual currency businesses have to work according to the law," James said.

"We will continue to advocate investors and look for justice on their behalf when they are misled or deceived by one of these companies."

A press release from the Attorney General's Office says that "Bitfinex" has already taken at least $ 700 million from the reserves of Teter.

"These transactions, which also have not been disclosed to investors, are treating Tether's cash reserves as a Bitfinex corporate finance fund and are used to hide the big losses of Bitfinex that have not been detected and the inability to cope with the withdrawals of customers, "the statement said.

The market immediately reacted to the news, with Bitcoin's price dropping five percent within a few minutes.

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