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The woman's emotional e-mail message is viral

A young woman is hailed as a hero on the Internet after she declined to bid for her "abusive" interviewer.

Olivia Bland, 22, applied for work in a travel software company called Web Applications UK, and was summoned for an interview with its CEO Craig Dean.

She claimed that during the interview she was mistreated and beaten by Mr. Dean.

"Yesterday morning, I had an interview for working for a company in a firm called Web Applications UK," she says writes on Twitter.

"After a brutal two-hour interview, in which CEO Craig Dean broke up with me and my writing to pieces (and they called me insufficiently), I was offered a job. This was my answer today."

In an email addressed to the employment manager, Ms. Blund explained why she chose not to take on the job.

"Yesterday's interview process was very unpleasant for me. I understand the influence Craig was trying to have, but no one should get out of a job interview that is so upset that we cry at the bus stop," she said.

"There is something very important for me about a man who is trying to get frightened and take over a young woman, and who keeps pressing even when he can see that someone makes it uncomfortable to crying.

"I just returned home to Manchester from Brighton after I ran away for a year and a half offensive relationship," she continued. "Two hours I spent in that room with Craig Dean yesterday felt like sitting in a room with my offensive ex-it was two hours when I was told that I was not good enough and explained in detail why. This work should be present . I do not love him.

"I have not received any response from the company yet. @WebAppUK can have free juice and yoga Monday, but you certainly do not have respect for your potential employees. Your CEO should be ashamed of himself."

Ms Bland's fasting instantly became viral, thanks to which the users thanked him for setting an example and sticking to him.

Shortly after the post got traction, Dean Twitter answer.

"Listening to someone is in pain is broken; hearing that they think your cause is catastrophic," he wrote. "When that person explicitly makes you not answer, you must obey it, and I will continue to, even if it means that the accusations are unanswered.

"I do not want to see anyone hurt, and I can only apologize if something I had done had that effect, it was not my intention. I deeply care about the plight of all people, especially those who are looking for new opportunities and aspire to will improve myself.

"If allowed, I will apologize directly. If the goal of all others is to punish me, my family and friends, without defense, then succeeded.

"This is hurt, and a lesson that will stay with me."

Mrs Bland responded that she acknowledges his apology but believes that it is self-serving.

"Your apology is recognized, but it is also affected by your own pain for yourself," she said. "You told me in my interview that people went out and cried when you interviewed them, so I do not know why you're acting surprised I yelled.

"You know what you've done to people."

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