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The smaller Nintendo Switch model is reportedly due this year

It will surely mingle nicely with the animal crossing

This week, there is another report on a possible new Nintendo Switch model to add to the pile.

Despite having an annual call-up, Nintendo has downgraded the 20 million-dollar sales forecast to more than 17 million units (for the fiscal year ending March 2019). A ton of us bought Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and a ton more we will continue to do it during 2019. But what's next?

According to a Nikkei a report, Nintendo is trying to encourage shoppers to-fence with a smaller and cheaper switch mode that gives priority to portability, a move that is felt right from the 3DS playbook.

Since we started listening to noise about the new Switch hardware some time ago, I feel like I've had enough time to warm up to the idea, but I will still go down to prices and features. I like the pier! The newest word is that the new model will begin between April 2019 and March 2020.

Elsewhere in the report, Nikkei touches Nintendo's plans to expand its online service offerings in 2019. There's room for speculation, so I'll just say this: games with a super nintendo. Let's go.

Just conceptually speaking, how do you feel about a portable focused switch? I would have opted for a higher revision if I give it a choice between the two, but the cheaper Switch model is clearly a sure bet for Nintendo. ("Why not both?") 3DS still hangs in, but will not be supported forever.

New Switch on time for Living passage and / or Fire Emblem: Three houses it will rule.

ス イ ッ チ, buying buyers from sales [Nikkei via Gematsu]

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