Sunday , April 11 2021

The new electric SUV in China headed to Oz

Expecting a range of more than 300 kilometers, MG eZS will join the Australian automotive electric car next year.

Based on the ZS compact SUV, the best seller of the brand in Australia, the eZS will compete with the self-managed Hyundai Kona Electric, which costs $ 59,990 and the range of 449km. Nissan will soon release the $ 49,990 leaf, with a range of 270 kilometers.

If the Chinese eZS can get close to $ 40,000, the MG has shot in the corner of the early-market market.

The brief exposure of the new MG has shown that it covers key electric vehicles.

The ECS is responsible, easy to drive and usually speeds up the marker, the manufacturer nominating 3.1 seconds for an unusual separation time of 0-50 km / h.

Unlike many EV, its regenerative braking is not openly intrusive. When the driver releases the accelerator, it feels more like a conventional car's rear gas – such as the Jaguar I-Pace and Hyundai Ioniq or Kona, it feels like you've applied the brakes.

The EZS allows the driver to change the degree of regenerative braking, but there is no delay.

Vehicles on a loan after the show in Shanghai were destined for the Chinese market. the suspended arrangement of the suspension floated and was repelled through the plains and angles. Australian models will get a firmer European ambiance.

Charging through the plug behind the rack lasts 30 minutes using a quick charger, and the home power can do the job for six hours.

The official documentation of the MG has a theoretical range of 428 kilometers, but 335 kilometers is an estimate of the real world from the 110kW / 350Nm engine with a 45.5 kWh battery.

Inside, eZS shows its positioning on the market with the liberal use of hard plastic. There's also a luxury, including an 8-inch color touch screen with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, satnav, digital radio and 17-inch alloys. Higher grades have a furry shape, key start, heated front seats and panoramic sunroof.

Dimensions are identical to ZS with petrol engine. The boot space remains useful 359L, extended from the rear seats with flat overlap.

The new electric MG faces a tough opposition from more rivals, but the price and warranty may vary.


Price: $ 40,000 plus (s)

Engine: 110kW / 350Nm, 45.5kWh battery

Security: Not checked, 7 airbags, AEB, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning

Range: 335km

Consumption: 13.8kWh / 100km

Stocks: Space Guard

Boot: 359L

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