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The new Dyson V11 vacuum adapts to the type of floor in your home

Okay, I've come here, but how good – how good it is – is vacuuming. When he needs your place, I think. Not like recreational vacuuming. It would be strange, but also without a judgment, my friend Jenna gets a lot of recreational pleasure from steaming, so I clearly hang out with people who want to clean. But a good vacuum work after the house or week? Damn it, it gives me laziness.

I went to Dyson's V11 vacuum launch yesterday, which basically involved some people cooling things and I shed a tear of pleasure while they did it. I was also really impressed by the new Dyson model.

Look, one thing that disgusts me when a vacuum is like dust and so on will be instilled from my floorboards, but the rug and carpet in my house is in charge and gender. I have to press it so hard, change the settings … IMMEDIATELY. I'm sure you will agree with me about this, especially if you do not even feel the excitement of vacuum like me. If it's a very chore for you, rugs must be like going to hell for a weekend.

So something that impressed me with the Dyson V11 was the technology that means it feels when you are changing the surfaces. Microprocessors in the cleaner head, as well as in the engine and battery, allow the machine to know that it needs to work harder when it hits the carpet, while more cold on hard surfaces. This prolongs the duration of the battery of your vacuum, because it is obvious, instead of being on a constant high suction, it is interchangeable depending on the need – but it also means that it does not need to revolve around with carpet settings and so on. Settings that, on many vacuums, are located on the damn head of the brush, so you also need to turn over to switch.

Some other great features – the V11 will tell you if it has a blockage, and it also shows you where to look at this nice small digital display on top:

This screen also allows you to know how many minutes / hours you can keep the machine running before recharging it – phenomenal for absent people like me, who NEVER forget to plug in the work in the charger.

It also gained 20% more power when it was sucked out of V10, which, as – obviously because those Dyson people are MASIVE HEALTHY NERVES that can not help but continually upgrade their shit.

However, the price range for these journalists is from $ 1,099 to $ 1,249 depending on whether you want all of the small tools to cling onto it. The three V11 vacuums are available today.


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