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The mysterious console spotted earlier this week is the PlayStation 5 – TheSixthAxis

Three days ago we applied for a new patent registered by Sony at INPI (Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial) in Brazil in May this year, and they also registered the same design patent in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) database earlier this month.

The patent is categorized as Class 14.02, which is for "data processing and peripheral equipment", and video game consoles fall into this category. The designers' name has been revealed as Jusuhihiro Ootori, Sony's engineering director and the man who appeared in the PlayStation 4's solsberg.

It is rumored that this is the first viewing of the PlayStation 5 and it turns out that the speculation was partly true.

Codemaster senior artist Matthew Stott took to Twitter to confirm that the console is a PlayStaion 5, but is one of the development kits rather than a design that will be delivered to consumers. "This is a set of intentions, we have a few in the office," he explained, which is a bit strange as developers have signed all sorts of NDA bans on talking about new consoles. This probably explains why that tweet was quickly deleted, but not before everyone did the screening.

Development kits usually do not resemble the end product that consumers buy, they are usually a big black box much like a standard PC, but the PlayStation 5 development kit is super fancy with all sorts of pallets, barbecues and openings. It is clear that the console will require a lot of cooling, so that the final design may be quite similar to the development kit.

Earlier this week, a venerable Japanese tech-savvy techie suggested that the new console might have a 2GHz GPU that "equals 9.2 TF (teraflops) of RDNA architecture". That's a little more than double that found on the PlayStation 4 Pro and about the same as the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 GPU, one of the best computer graphics cards you can buy today.

"When you advocate that PlayStation 5 is called upon to boast a custom build, a highly optimized GPU designed to allow PlayStation game makers to drain every last drop of power from it, and all signs point to on the PS5 with the ability to deliver 4K, 120Hz gaming with ease, ”say the respected technology page T3.

We expect Sony to officially unveil the console around February next year and it will go on sale by Christmas 2020.

Source: Twitter / IGN / Twitter

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