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The lack of current at the space station delays the time of the SpaceX supply

The lack of current at the space station delays the time of the SpaceX supply

This March 25, 2009 photo provided by NASA shows the International Space Station seen from the Space Shuttle Discovery during the separation. Background is the Earth's atmosphere seen as a blue arch. On Tuesday, April 30, 2019, NASA announced that the station's large power shortage delayed SpaceX's offer later in the week. (NASA through AP)

The main shortage of electricity at the International Space Station has delayed the implementation of SpaceX this week.

SpaceX was due to begin shipping on Wednesday. But an old electricity transmission unit did not work at the space station on Monday and knocked two powerful channels off. The six remaining power channels operate normally, according to NASA.

NASA said on Tuesday that the station and its six astronauts are safe. But due to the chaotic solar power grid, the launch of SpaceX is shut down at least until Friday. NASA wants to replace the failed unit to restore full power before sending the SpaceX Dragon cargo tape.

The disintegration left the robotic arm's arm at the station from the outside with one functional power supply channel instead of two. Two sources of energy are needed – one as a backup – when a robotic arm is used to record a trip to space shuttles like the Dragon.

Flight controllers will use the robotic arm to replace the poor unit with spare later this week, keeping astronauts out of the spacecraft.

There is no rush for this delivery. Northrop Grumman began shipping two weeks ago.

Solar wings collect and generate electricity for the entire space station. Any defect in this critical system can be reduced to power and affect operations.

SpaceX, meanwhile, is still investigating the fiery loss of this moon on its new "Dragon" capsule designed for astronauts.

Six weeks after the successful flight test without the crew of the space station, the crew of Dragon was busy flames during the ground test. SpaceX was in the process of releasing the capsules to the test stand. The April 20th accident, which occurred before or during the launch of the launch-subside, sent heavy smoke to the sky.

SpaceX and NASA offered a few details. But the crash will certainly delay the launch of the crew Dragon with two astronauts from NASA. SpaceX tried to fly.

The company still needs to launch an abortion test before the astronauts enter. The dragon fly last month was to be used for this test in June.

SpaceX is experiencing serious failure with the crew's capsule accident

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The lack of current at the space station has delayed the implementation of SpaceX supplies (2019, April 30)
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