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The hawthorn chicken shop owner is fighting the fast-food giant

Never underestimate the little one.

A Melbourne-based small business owner stepped down and won against a large fast-food corporation after billboard ads slapped a massive KC sign in front of his building.

Jimmy Halley, who runs a small family-run strip called Chicken Central in Glog, arrived at work last Friday morning to find a big sign from his fast-food competitor, plastered on the side of his store.

"KFC is only 800 meters away," the sign said. "Bucket. Why not?"

Mr Hall, who has worked with the chicken shop for nearly a decade, told he initially thought it was a game for his business.

"At first I thought, 'I'm destroyed because of KFC.' Especially these days with all these food delivery apps, I was like… yeah, I'm gonna fight. I was pretty upset when I saw it. "

Being a small business owner is not easy. Mr Hall says he puts in seven days and 90 hours a week to keep things going.

"Big chains have an endless amount of money to promote their products," he said. "We do not. So, something like that has an impact. "

Many billboards are displayed on the same site, but never from a direct competitor like KFC. Prior to the fast-food giant's sign, the Palmer United sign had been entertained for four months.

But the controversial billboard had a cordial side-effect – locals and regulars at Mr Haley's shop came out to support the business.

"The biggest thing with us being a stripper is that it's a little community," he said. "I didn't think I would get more support like I did, but it was absolutely brilliant. I was stopped. Regularly, people who used to live here and still remember us came every day. It's brilliant. "

As a result of community support, Mr Halley said sales had actually increased over the weekend.

Today, the KFC billboard has finally been removed and replaced with a soy candle sign.

According to a spokesman for the fast-food chain, it was taken down after the corporation learned of the chicken central's concerns.

"The billboard was part of a wider, short-term campaign conducted by one of our local franchisees in the area, who was excited to promote the opening of his new restaurant on Glenfrey Road, and was in no way intended to harm Piles Central." . said the fast food chain in a statement to

"Since we learned about taking care of Chicken Central, our franchisee has requested that the sign be removed by the end of the week."

Mr Halley said he would take them at face value, but that their statement seemed "a bit dubious".

“The billboard was designed with an arrow pointing to the direction of their store. They knew exactly what they were doing. However, it's a big corporation, so maybe they didn't notice it and went through to think about how it might affect someone like me. "

Lastly, the store owner gave a big thank you to the Hawthorne community for the support. "The community relies on comics. It's a place where you can come and actually interact with people.

"If we weren't around, I didn't know what would happen to this community."

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