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The director stopped after a "terrible" clip

A disturbing clip of the director's pulling a young boy through the playground sent shockwaves through the Melbourne School community.

The video was inserted on social media yesterday, says Steve Warner, director of the Manor Lakes College P-12 in Winham Vale, southwestern Melbourne, who pulled the student down the country.

Despite the support of the attacked director – who is now stuck in the incident – originating from more than 200 parents through an online petition, the footage was sharpened by other parents and educational leaders.

Victoria Education Minister James Merlino said the footage was "terrible and worried".

"Let me be clear, I will not tolerate this kind of completely unacceptable behavior in our schools," he said.

"There will be an independent inquiry into the behavior of the staff member and it is immediately stopped while it happens."

It is understandable that the boy's family talked with the police.

They told him Herald Sunthat while the boys were disgusting, he should not have been dragged.

"Yes, he behaved disgustingly, but he physically did not abuse any teacher," said one relative.

"Regardless of his behavior, he should not have been treated like this."

However, some parents have now launched a campaign to return Mr. Warner after the reaction.

"He was an incredible influence on the school and it's (sic) students," the online petition writes. "Steve's handover to his school community was huge."

The organizers write that Mr. Warner "turned the school around".

"The worst outcome of this situation would be to lose the school as a major and leader. His work has just come into force and there are only good things that can come of him, continuing his role," they write.

"We demand his dedicated work at school not to be in vain for this isolated incident."

A spokeswoman for the Department of Education and Training told ABC she was aware of the video and launched an investigation.

"It is expected that all school cadres will support the values ​​of the department and respect the child safety standards," the spokeswoman said.

The statement on the Manor Lakes P12 website reads: "The staff, students and the community of Manor Lakes P-12 College are expected to model our four college expectations and behavior to show respect, our community's appreciation in order to be high and safe ".

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