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The biggest scams of Rita Ora celebrities.

Singer Rita Ora believes that one of her friends encouraged the police to hold a rally during the lockout and has now launched an investigation into who played the whistle.

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None of this should be a hoax – from off-the-shelf rumors to a clash of musical interests with former Calvin Harris, Rita has been at the center of some of the biggest A-list scandals in recent years.

Here we discover all its terrains of famous ins


Beyoncé’s 2016 album Lemonade focuses on the issue of infidelity, telling in detail the story of a woman played by her partner.

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In the song Sorry, she hints at Aye Zee cheating on someone called “Becky with Good Hair”

Beyoncé sings: “She only loves me when I’m not there, better call Becky with good hair.”

Speculation immediately shifted to who this Becky was, who apparently misled hey Zee?

Rita Ora immediately found herself as a suspect because she was signed by ayei zi publishing house.

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Rita started waving her tongue that she was “Becky” when she posted a photo of herself in a bikini with a lemon and a necklace from a friend in J.

However, she later criticized the accusation and tweeted to her fans to let them know that she is definitely NOT BEKY, and people should just enjoy Beyonce’s Lemonade.

Later, she posted a picture of herself caressing Beyonce and wrote: “Who is Becky? HAHAHAHA I CALLED HER! “


Rita and her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris were the original showbiz quarrel after they ended their relationship back in 2014.

The former couple’s public bust turned toxic back in 2015 when Calvin refused to allow Rita to use any of the material he worked with on her album – and in return banned her from performing their No. 1 single I Will Never Let You Down.

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However, a source claims that the couple resolved their differences three years later.

Target said: “It was so easy for both of them that they could move on and leave things behind.

“At the end of the day they had a great time together and it was sad that they were polluted by how sometimes the schism was bitter.”


The couple’s long-running feud is no secret, with reports claiming that RiRi believes Rita only ever signed her Roc Nation label to make her nervous.

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Rihanna also shared her horror after Rita recorded a sex music video with her abusive ex Chris Brown for their single Body on Me.

And the Sun’s Dan Wooton revealed that Rihanna even banned Rita at her Met Gala party.

The couple continued to argue after Rita went to war with her former record label Roc Nation in 2015 – claiming she had been neglected and seeking to be released from the deal.

It was later alleged that Bayan’s star used his influence to ensure that Rita’s career was not treated as a priority by the Rock Nation, for which he was also a signer.

There was no trace of an olive leaf from any of the singers.


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The Kardashians will probably have some beef with Rita after her messy split with Rob Kardashian.

The singer broke up with Rob in 2012, before he accused her of cheating on him, but she remained silent about the unsubstantiated allegations at the time.

According to TMZKim Kardashian later refused to sit next to her ex-brother at the 2014 Music Video Awards.

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TMZ said this happened because Kim accused her of “screaming [her brother] “Rob’s head.”

However, the singer previously claimed that she has “nothing but positive thoughts” about her ex.


The couple has a lot in common, and both went to the same school after moving from their native Kosovo.

However, it was their similarities that caused a wedge between the two singers, The sun previously discovered.

According to sources, Dua quietly turned to Rita over the constant comparisons between the couple – and the relationship is now so strained that they avoided each other at the Met Gala last year.

An insider said: “It’s a shame, because they used to be very close, and Dua talked a lot about how much she admires Rita.

“Dua even said she wants to be just like Rita in the future. “But now things have moved dramatically south and she is trying to distance herself – and she does not hide that in industry.”

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