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The biggest PS4 and Xbox One games are released in 2019

Many of the biggest competitions of the year could land on Christmas Eve, but it's not like the other 10 months or are full of AAA releases.

In the first months of the year, they also arranged some of the main titles, as Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3 liked.

Some of the biggest games in 2019 still do not have release dates (Dying Light 2, Gears 5), but with the giant E3 games convention in June, we will probably get more details about these titles. The massive exhibition also has a habit of crying dates for a surprise for games that we do not yet know.

It's still a long way to go, although for now here are the details of some of the games we know about.

Metro Exodus – February 15

The Metro Exodus is one of the great releases of the game since 2019

The "Metro" series, set in winter Russia, has always been visually striking, but it was not great to play; this has been changed and the latest entry – Exodus – I hope to be one of the best shooters on Q1.

The former records had a claustrophobic feeling for them, but the Exodus would be an open world – to some extent. There is a large empty map, but many missions are so narrow and dark as they have always been.

PS4, Xbox One

Far Cry New Dawn – February 15

Hope county in Far Cry New Dawn

If you like the Far Cry 5 world, but you thought the game was taken too seriously, it does not appear that you are alone. Far Cry New Dawn returns to Hope County, but has an apocalypse (of course) and it's all completely crazy now.

This is not your brown wasteland, such as Fallout though – everything is colorful here and there are picturesque lakes and forests that make a perfect backdrop for huge shouts.

PS4, Xbox One

Anthem – February 22

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Online multiplayer from Bioware – the team behind Mass Effect, the Knights of the Old Republic, the Dragon Age, and more. The giant space shooter has been known for years and now we have a final release date.

The open demonstration did not proceed as planned, but it is the kind of point of these things and Biovare now has more than a month to dry out all the folds.

PS4, Xbox One

Department 2 – 15 March

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Another great online shooter – this time from Ubisoft. Anyone who played the first game can greatly expect more of the same.

Those who can not expect much of the abandoned Washington to explore as an agent of the division. Together, along with other divisional agents, your job is to explore the city (ranking as you go, of course) and to drag the nation's capital out of the brink of social collapse.

PS4, Xbox One

The sinking city – March 21

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A third-person adventure inspired by the works of the American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft.

Many games have tried Lovecraftian stories, and many have failed, but The Sinking City has a lodge of LA. Noor on how you play as a private explorer in the flooded city of Oahont, who has the task of discovering the truth behind big and small mysteries.

PS4, Xbox One

Days passed – April 26

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You are a rebellious biker in a (yes, assumed) post-apocalyptic open world and you have a baseball bat to defeat daylight from the undead.

This is shaping to be one of the biggest exclusive of Sony for the PS4 this year.

If you enjoyed the last of us, but you always thought it would be better if it was little more like sons of anarchy, then this will be right up to your street.


Mortal Kombat 11 – April 23

Mortal Kombat 11 is one of the great releases of the game since 2019

One of the longest fighting battles there and the fact that it is still strong is proof of how good it is in what it does.

The youngest victims are an integral part of the game and the appeal they have for their bloodthirsty blood climbers and, as expected, they are even more confined this time. In MK11 you can hit somebody in the back of your head, so it's hard for a person to simply fall.

PS4, Xbox One

Between 2 – 14 May

Bess 2 arrives in May

Is it even an open world game if it is not set in a lawless post-apocalyptic landscape? Of course it is not.

This first-person shooter is somewhere between Mad Max and Borderlands, and the lucky happiness is more diversified than the original.

Developed by the Swedish studio Avalanche Studios, which in the past created Just Cause 4 and Mad Max, you can expect humor and violence. Very funny violence thanks to your deadly boomerang – titled Wingstick.

PS4, Xbox One

Dying Light 2 – TBC

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Zombies were made to death, but Techling Publishing's Dying Light managed to find the white, fleshy, sweet spot between fun and fear.

On the day you were a hunter, you can combine household weapons with the tools to kill the zombies available to you. After the sun set, the masses turned and became mercilessly hunter from the monsters and rubbed out was an absolute thing.

Dying Light 2 will expand on this, but will be set 15 years after the original.

PS4, Xbox One

Gears 5 – TBC

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There is another life in the old dog, or at least Microsoft hopes it is. Apart from Halo, the Gears franchise is the largest of Microsoft and the company will not let it die.

This time, Microsoft reportedly plans to do something more than just another third-person shooter. For Gears 5, he wants to make you worry about the story, something that really did not happen from Gears 2.

The next chapter will be built on the background of the protagonist Kait Diaz, while still being delivered Gears"famous action games.

Xbox One

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