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South Australian senator Tim Storr will step down from politics, citing reasons for his family – Australian elections – Federal elections 2019 – Politics


April 18, 2019 00:24:16

South Australian independent senator Tim Stor does not want to re-election next month's federal election, saying he can not dedicate himself to work with a full six-year term with his little family.

She brings the senator's political career to the end, just over 400 days in the Parliament.

Key points:

  • Tim Storr became Senator in 2018 after falling with Nick Xenophon and leaving his party
  • He would have faced a difficult battle to be re-elected as an independent
  • He listed the electric vehicle survey and opposed the $ 36 billion tax package and its achievements

Senator Storr said he had made the "difficult" decision after a long consideration of what would again mean for his family.

"I believe it would be unkind to ask South Australia for their vote in these circumstances," he said.

"I am deeply praised for the support I have received from many members of the community and the respect that my fellow senators and other parliamentarians have treated."

Senator Storer went to the nickname of Xenophon Team in the 2016 election, but was not declared elected.

Later he broke up with Nick Xenophon and left his party, raising an unsuccessful bid to the High Court to take over the post of Xenophon when he resigned in 2017 to return to the South Australian state policy.

But he did not provide a seat in the Senate next year, replacing former Senator Sky Cayceke-Moore in March last year when she collapsed in section 44 of the constitution.

A difficult time for re-election

Senator Storr would have faced a difficult battle to be re-elected as independent because of his special road to the Senate, a relatively low profile, and the fact that this is not a double break in the election, which means he will need a significant blow to his vote.

Now Casco-Moore is trying to restore the headquarters of the re-branded Center Alliance.

Senator Storner becomes the latest in a series of lawmakers and senators who will leave politics for family reasons.

Labor MP Kate Ellis leaves politics spending more time with her family, such as the liberal herald of Kelly O'Dayer.

Former member of Perth Team Hammond gave up last year, saying that at that time "he did not foresee the profound effect [his] there will be "leave" to his whole family.

It sparked discussions at the time whether the political system could be more friendly to the family.

"I was as good as my word"

Senator Storer has identified the strongest achievements in his work as an electric vehicle investigation and last year's "Medevac" law that gave doctors more power to asylum seekers.

He said he was proud to oppose the company's $ 36 billion tax package.

"I was as good as my word and I hope to contribute to the standard of debate and the quality of legislation over these 14 months," he said.

"Imagined and principled independent play an important role, as I hope I have shown.

"I call on voters to consider it because they weigh who will support on May 18."

Senator Turner registered a party in August this year, called Party Storm Independent SA.

The Australian Election Commission approved a new logo for the party on April 7.


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