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Shaw denounced it for importing steroids

A former waitress, who last year pleaded guilty to partaking in a steroid company for the import and distribution of steroids with her boyfriend, clashed in court after the judge told her that she had been seriously considering sending her to prison.

Natasha Barlin, 24, and her boyfriend Dyllan Shaw, 24, who once boasted of keeping the central coastline of the "whole (NSW)" supplied with human growth hormones, appeared in the New South Wales District Court today .

Both were supposed to be convicted today, but prosecutors raised an issue with Judge Michael Bozic's decision in June 2018 to give Barlin an Intensive Reduction Order (ICO), an alternative to a full-time prison term when a person can serves their sentence in the community, but is subject to unannounced visits by the police, curfew and other restrictions.

In June last year, Barlin submitted an emotional statement in which she admitted being abused as a child, to be "ugly duckling", which later became "obsessed with her appearance".

In a written statement, Barlin said she no longer spoke to people who were involved in drug trafficking and said her beauty Luxe Lashes had returned her to the right path and gave her the "clean rest" she needed.

Judge Christmas took into account Barlin's statement and told the Gosford Local Court last year that the couple's chances of rehabilitation were high. He discovered that Barlin particularly showed remorse.

But less than a month after Barlin submitted his certified statement to the court, Crown sent three policemen who worked as covert operatives in the world on the shores of the central coast.

In a recorded conversation of July 22, 2018, Barlin reportedly talked about money and her annoyance at the police bust.

"It's just boring because what Dyllan is doing at the moment is really good, it's about 2 kilograms a week. We do 50k a week … that's what I think we make a lot of money," she said.

The evidence offered by the Crown, including Luxe Lashes bank statements and secret recorded conversations, was debated today.

"When a verdict is delivered, it's important not to be reversed," Barlin's lawyer Michael Mantay told the court, describing Crown's belated submission as "chaotic."

Judge Christmas told the court that he did not make a decision for Barlin to potentially intervene in further crimes after she entered her guilty plea in June last year.

Instead, Judge Christmas told the court that today's evidence would help him decide whether Barlin should be sent to jail or given to the IWC.

Barlin began to cry when Judge Christmas accused him of "full and complete mockery of this penalizing exercise" and suggested his only option was to send her to jail.

Referring to his decision last June, Judge Christmas said he had put "100 percent weight" on what Barlin said in her statement.

"Now, at some point, it is not appropriate to continue this exercise to pronounce fines in the air with utter naivety," he told the court.

"I have read those (footage). If I took the view that I did not withhold everything that said that what was happening here a month after it was addressed to the International Atomic Energy Agency, there is no basis for anything other than full-time imprisonment.

"This makes a complete and utter ridicule of the punishment exercise. It keeps the court to end and utter contempt." Judges look like fools. "

Judge Christmas said that "time for naivety is well past in this case".

The kronun told the Barin trial that the police had shown "a cavalry attitude to criminal activity".

The crown also argued that bank reports from the Barline Luxe Lashes business "clearly indicate the money from drug contracts is happening to her account."

Judge Christmas postponed the Barlin case by 3 May, citing the court that it should "very carefully" exceed the talks that the 24-year-old had in July 2018.

Barlin's lawyer argued that it was not always the one who spoke about drugs with potential clients and told the court "some money" to enter her account Luxe Lashes was linked to a legitimate business.

Barlin and Shaw were arrested on November 6, 2016, after Australian border forces raided their rented home in Jilibi in the central shore of the mainland.

In the previous six months, ABF intercepted 13,672 tablets, 11.2L testosterone, 600ml anabolic steroids and 20 vials of human growth hormone.

Barlin pleaded guilty to one count of each of the import of testosterone and Shaw pleaded guilty to three charges for the import of human growth hormone, anabolic steroids, and believes that steroids have been procured.

The two were arrested after a two-year investigation. The police said the seized drugs were intended for the black market.

ABF Immigration and Customs Enforcement Envoy Anthony Zebach earlier said the seizure of drugs was a victory for law enforcement.

"These drugs can have serious health effects for users, and ABF is committed to protecting our community by undermining the illegal import of these dangerous drugs," he said.

"If you import steroids or other effects and remedies to improve the image without permission, you will violate the law and face the consequences."

Shaw, who was in detention on December 12, 2018, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his role in the drug company.

He will be eligible for pardon on November 11, 2019.

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